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Why Should You Delete Fake Followers on Instagram?


Do you think your account is being trapped by fake followers? Have you bought fake followers in the past? Now you must be regretting on this past activity, but you definitely have not done it intentionally.

Don’t panic. Every problem comes with a solution. You can easily clear out your Instagram account from fake followers. Though plenty of reasons exist behind choosing to buy fake followers. A few years back, it was a common practice to have fake followers to appear as established online. Ultimately, your accounts’ engagement level drops down all of a sudden. Whatever the reason to connect your accounts with bots, you can get rid of it.

You should stay away from such cheap activity and practice other authentic methods to grow your brand or business.

Why Should You Not Buy Fake Followers?

Definitely, it seems simply appealing to buy a few thousands of followers as compared to wait for the account to grow organically. People often ignore future prospects while choosing to connect with bots and fake followers. And it can hurt your account badly.

In 2018, most of the influencers and bloggers know that purchasing followers are a big no. Still, it did not stop them from doing it.

It can Hurt Rates of Engagement

If you are buying followers and you get people that are not interested in engaging with you. You are most likely buying numbers only. Your rate of engagement will not get upward if you have bought fake followers. Do you know why? It is because buying fake followers is similar to buying bots. It means that there is no real person behind those accounts that can interact with your content. Drastically, you may have a rise in your comments, likes, and replies, but it is not for a longer time. You are not building any community nor making dialogue, and you are simply fudging a number. Buying tons of fake followers may show a huge difference in your number of followers, but there will be a low level of engagement.  

Get Ready for Insta Spam

You become a platform for spam, once you have started integrating followers into your community. Followers in the community can target your audience as they will target them with their own spam. With fake followers, you can secure a bundle of spam for yourself as well as for your followers.

How to Get Rid of Fake Followers on Instagram

A number of apps are there that can help you to clear out fake followers and bots from your Instagram account.

These third-party apps are against the Instagram rules and Terms of Service. Still, they are extremely useful for everyone. Some apps are free, and some need registration along with charges. You can download them on your device anytime. Possibly, the apps let the users block bots or fake followers in a huge number – it is the only way to get rid of harmful followers from your profile.  

Leave Doubts Behind

In the past, you may have bought followers and now you are getting threats to shut your account instantly. You can remove the followers from your social media accounts by using authentic sources.  

Instead of all the shortcuts, try using the natural ways of boosting your profile such as making and uploading unique content, use of hashtags, and implementing latest strategies. All of it would be really beneficial for you and your brand.