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Why Should You Not Leave Your Pets Inside Your Car?


It can be very dangerous to leave your pet inside your car on a hot sunny day, even if the weather is fine. If you are shopping or in a hurry, you might take this decision in haste thinking your pet will be fine or you will be back in a short time. So, it is important to know how your pet will get affected when they remain in a closed vehicle to safeguard them while you are on the move.

Factors That Can Put Your Pet’s Life At Risk

The factors mentioned below are worth considering, as it can help in safeguarding the lives of your pet when you are traveling in your car with your pet.  Check additional details and safety tips for pet care at https://www.youtube.com/bluebuffalo

  1. Vehicles Get Heated Up Quickly

A car can change into a hot oven even on a day with low temperature. Even if the outside temperature is just 80 degrees, the temperature inside the vehicle can reach 100 degrees or above within 30 minutes. The blistering heat inside your car can be dangerous for your pet even of you are planning to leave it for half an hour.

  1. Parking the Car in Shade or Keeping Windows down Will Not Help

Many pet owners think that parking their vehicles in a shady region or pulling the car windows down by one or two inches will keep their pets cool when left alone in the car. However, such tricks will not help in preventing the temperature inside the car from rising, which indicates the life of your pets is still in danger.

  1. Humidity Can Be Dangerous

When you have left your pet in the car, and the interior heats up quickly, the humid temperature can cause your pets to cool themselves by sticking their tongues out while panting and cause dehydration. This condition can occur even on a wintry day with a cool temperature.

  1. Do Not Leave Your Car Running

If you thought that leaving your vehicle with the air conditioner running will be the perfect solution to keep your dog cool and comfortable in the car, then you must know that it can also be dangerous for your furry little friend. Leaving the car with the keys on can make it a perfect choice for car thieves, which in turn can make your pet getting injured or stolen. If the air conditioner in your vehicle is running continuously without human interference, there are chances of a mechanical failure, which can cause the engine to shut down and create a dangerous situation for your pets. When you leave the pet loose in your vehicle, they might knock the gearshift accidentally and may cause a road crash, which can be fatal for your pet.

  1. Risks of Overheating

Puppies and elderly pets are at a greater risk of succumbing to the effects of the heat than the young pets. If you own a pet with short muzzles, heavy double coat, obesity and dark fur then make sure that you don’t leave them alone even for a couple of minutes in the car, as they are much susceptible to the heat.