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Why Webcam Websites Are Gaining Popularity in 2021?


True companionship with the opposite sex is something that so very few of us get to experience. The lucky few stroll through life without a care in the world, reaping all the benefits of being handsome, rich, and powerful. The rest of us, however, are bound by the daily grind. Every day is a struggle with the world around us and with ourselves. And, unfortunately, with the ever-increasing connectedness that social media has brought us, we are becoming more distant than we ever were in the past.

The Covid-19 has been the final nail in the coffin. The small stream of social gatherings, love interests, and intimate relations has slowed down to a trickle and eventually dried up. Everyone was forced to be cooped up inside, growing ever more restless and depressed. Yet despite being the root cause of our social struggles, the Internet also became our only solace. 

Why Do People Enjoy Sex Cams?

Is it just for sexual release as many outsiders would believe? Definitely not, considering how much free porn can be found on the internet. But why do people spend their time googling ‘nude teen cam’ or ‘best cam sites’ and then proceeding to faun over their newly-found cam girl? The answer is simple — for companionship. 

Everything nowadays comes in an artificial form, and so does companionship. Professional webcam models can create a sense of belonging and closeness that we crave so much in our real lives. It is like an artificial sweetener, so wonderfully delicious. Many fall prey to this sweet nectar, yet what is the alternative? People are NOT meant to trudge through life in complete solitude.

There is hope, however. The pretty girls sitting in front of their cameras and showing off their bodies to the public are real people. They have hopes, dreams, and aspirations. They dislike some clients and grow attached to others. Sometimes their performance stops being an act, and the cam girl eventually grows attached to one of her favorite clients. She develops real feelings for him. And the illusion becomes a reality.

Sex Cams Are Becoming More Popular than Ever Before

Adult cam websites were enjoying a rapid rise in popularity since the beginning of 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic began. And it’s no wonder since people have to stay at home and endure the solitary confinement forced on them by their government. More than a year has passed since then, and the trend continues.

Not only are there more viewers, but the number of cam girls is also rapidly increasing. The loss of jobs drives many women to try out webcamming as their primary source of income. Yet many people are stumped when it comes to what sex cam website to choose.

Currently, the top-ranking camming websites are:

  1. Firecams
  2. MyFreeCams
  3. LiveJasmine

At first glance, these websites look pretty much the same, but it is a false assumption. Below, we will provide a brief description of each one. Choose wisely before you decide to register no matter if you are a viewer or a model.

  • Firecams is a lot more up-to-date and has a very good mobile interface. It rewards models who stay on the website for longer periods of time by increasing their placement, which is also affected by the number of views that they have. This system promotes a healthy relationship between models and viewers and allows for simple, pleasant conversations.
  • MyFreeCams is an old-school website with a clunky interface that hasn’t been updated in years. Don’t expect the newest technologies when coming to this website as it barely supports HD and just recently allowed models to use OBS when going into private shows. Also, its CamScore system rewards models who earn as much as possible as quickly as they can, which is very lucrative for some but very stressful for many others.
  • LiveJasmine is a website that is solely focused on private shows. The interface of the website is sleek, and the video quality is perfect, but the models are like dolls, patiently waiting for a new customer to arrive and take them away to a private show.

All three of these websites cater to very different types of people, so no matter what your preferences are, one of these websites will surely pique your interest.