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Why You Should Consider Vinyl Fencing For Your Property

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Wood and iron are two of the most popular fencing materials around the world. However, you should also consider vinyl as it improves curb appeal, increases your property’s value, and provides you with an adequate level of security and privacy. You can also consider the fence rental Houston if you like an easy installation.  Here are some of the reasons why vinyl would be a great option for your property.

Different Price Points

The cost of a vinyl fence differs from one place to the next, and it is usually dictated by the height, size, and cost of the material. Labor costs can add to this. However, you get the option of saving some money by foregoing the add-ons.

For example, you can forego textures and fence post caps to keep the cost down. If you like, you can also go with a thinner option, but that will dent easily and not last as long as it should. A good balance is foregoing the add-ons and some design options and going with a thicker vinyl fence.

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Easy To Maintain

Vinyl fences are arguably the easiest fence to maintain. Vinyl does not require any staining or painting, it is easy to clean, and it does not scratch easily. It is also not susceptible to pests like wood or rust like iron fences typically are. Also, there is no risk of splinters like you get with wooden fences, meaning it is a great option for homes with children and pets.

Being non-porous means the fence will also be very easy to clean. All you need is to hose it down to remove most of the dirt and then scrub it with a brush and mild soap. You typically have to do this if mold and algae are growing on the surface. This happens if the fence is installed in properties that are watered a lot and thus get wet regularly.

Numerous Design Options

Whether you are using your vinyl fence for privacy or aesthetic reasons, there are numerous designs to choose from. You can get a taller fence that provides additional security and with close slats that block sight lines. You can also get picky-style vinyl fences with spaced slats if you are looking for an aesthetic option.

The most important thing is to talk to professionals from reputable fence companies St. Charles MO like Fence and Deck Depot who have a lot of experience installing these and other types of fences.

Vinyl fencing also comes in a variety of colors. As mentioned, these different colors can also help the fence fit your home’s overall aesthetic. There are neutrals like black, gray, brown, tan, and white, as well as bolder colors like red, green, and blue.

You can also get the fence textured to look like other fencing materials, such as wood.

Manageable Installation

Installing a vinyl fence requires intermediate skills, but it is something you could do if you wanted to. This allows you to forego the labor costs you would otherwise have had to pay. Vinyl comes in several interlocking pieces.

Shorter fences are easier to install than taller ones due to being much easier to work with. Because taller fences require that you dig homes using a post-hole digger and then use quick cement to hold the posts, it is better to leave such installations to professionals.

Do know that even though you can install shorter fences yourself, it is not a good idea to do it when the ground is frozen. This is because you have to hammer the anchor points in place using a sledgehammer, something that is difficult to do when the ground is frozen.


Flexibility can determine how well a material stands up to different forces. Vinyl is a very flexible material, which means it flexes instead of breaking as wood does in stronger winds. That is not to say that you will not have one or two pieces missing after a harsh storm, but it should hold up better.

Just ensure you bought high-quality vinyl fencing, and that it was installed correctly in the first place.


While there are other fencing options, vinyl remains popular for various reasons. Its strength, ease of installation, and maintenance all make it a great fencing option.