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This Is How You Will Learn To Love Yourself, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Let’s face it, 2017 was not a pleasant year for many of us. It was a year that brought insecurity, difficulties, and pain to our lives.

If you are wondering how you can make 2018 better for yourself, the first key to look for is learning how to take care of yourself more on a daily basis.

Below there are tips for every sign on how they can learn to love themselves better in the year to come.


Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo are the earth signs. Because of their symbol, they are very grounded. They follow their dreams step by step without any rush. They are hard workers who proudly present their accomplishments to others. And when it comes to relationships, these signs are very loyal, and when they are in love, they love deeply.

The earth signs should break their rules in 2018 for they have been grounded a long time. They should bring more excitement in their lives. After all, there is nothing wrong with being a little drunk and partying more often, right?

Taurus – Do a juice cleanse from time to time!

Taurus is known for their passion for enjoying in the physical pleasures of life, this includes eating, drinking, and being lazy. So, in 2018 you should try indulging yourself in a healthier lifestyle. Take the time to cook yourself a healthy meal. Also, you should try practicing gardening, knitting, and cooking. Your body will be grateful, and you will enjoy your new activities. You will connect with yourself and your symbol – the earth.

Virgo – Take a day off from work!

Virgo, you are guilty of having the greatest work ethic of all signs. You work hard, and you follow rules diligently, so next year you should give yourself a break. You tend to put your work ahead of everything else in your life. So, try relaxing more in 2018. Take some days off from work and do something that you love doing. Maybe go for a manicure and a haircut. Whatever you choose to do, it will teach you that work isn’t everything in life.

Capricorn – Meditate and practice mindfulness.

Capricorn, you tend to notice every little detail! From a chipped nail polish to your hair not falling the same way on both sides, you notice everything about you as well as others. You should try to eliminate you nitpicking nature in 2018 by practicing mindfulness and meditating. Even if this sounds hippie to you, believe me, it will help you truly reconnect with yourself and become more calm and peaceful.


Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the water signs. They are known for the intensity of their emotions, their flexibility, and their ability to go with the flow. They see the world in a different way than others because emotions play a huge role in their life. So, it is essential for them to learn how to control them.

2018 should be a year in which water signs must find ways to get in tune with their feelings and not let their feelings to overrule them. Emotions are there to inspire you, and not leave you feeling drained. You should find the strength, the kindness, and the creativity you need from your emotions in 2018.

Cancer – Practice affirmations daily.

Cancer, you are a very loyal and lovable sign. You can connect not only with your emotions but to the emotions of others as well. However, your sensitive nature can sometimes make you feel insecure and moody. So, to deal with your internalized fears and insecurities, you can start by adding affirmations to your daily routine. It doesn’t matter if your affirmations are only 3 words that you say in front of the mirror, or a 30-minute-long motivational speech – they will help you become more positive and confident.

Scorpio – Start listening to podcasts!

Scorpio, you are a deep and passionate human being both in your personal relationships as well as in your career. When you care, you care a lot. You also want to know the truth at all costs. And because of all this, you should try to add in podcasts to your day in 2018. This will help you stay informed while also enjoying your so much needed privacy.

Pisces – Start writing a journal.

Pisces, you are an artistic and intuitive sign as well as delicate and gentle. Your vivid emotional world can sometimes be shattered by the cruelty in this world. So, you have an inner need to escape from reality whether it is by watching a TV show or losing yourself in a good book, or in any way that works for you.  However, a piece of advice for 2018 would be to start your own story by writing in your journal. You don’t have to be a professional writer for this, you need to speak only through your heart.


Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the air signs. If there is one word that can describe them is FREEDOM. Also, they are very easy to adapt to any new situation that presents in their way.

New people, places, or situations don’t scare them. They are always looking for something new and exciting. In 2018, they should try to stay more grounded and have more consistency in their life. They can do this by adding more routines in their life.

Gemini – Buy a cookbook and cook yourself delicious meals!

Gemini, your dual personality can really get in your head, and because of that, you are very flighty and curious individual. You can make yourself crazy if you have to stay in for 2 nights in a row. You want variety and excitement more than anything. So, in order for you to become more grounded in the year to come, buy a cookbook and indulge your curious nature in learning new cooking skills. This can make you feel grounded and at the same time, it will satisfy your need for variety because you can cook different meals every day.

 Libra – Take some me-time in the bathtub.

Libra, you are a social butterfly. You get along with everyone and people love your friendly nature. However, social situations no matter how energizing can sometimes be draining too. So, for you to rediscover the balance in your life you need to spend more time alone. Take some time to relax in your bathtub and enjoy a nice hot bubble bath. Pampering yourself can feel really good, but be careful, you might get used to it (which is not a bad thing.)

Aquarius – Read a book on psychology, spirituality, or wine!

Aquarius, you love knowledge! There is not a thing that entertains you more than learning a new thing. Your topics of interest are abstract things like religion and psychology. So, in the following year, instead of reading articles, go to the local bookstore and grab an old book and learn something valuable that will satisfy your expensive taste and also learn more about yourself.


Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are the fire signs. These signs are all about ACTION. They have an impulsive and ambitious nature, and they are always on the move. Also, they tend to set impossible standards for themselves and get disappointed when they fail to meet them.

So, the next year, they really need to take a time-out and start relaxing more. They should try to travel more, and find activities that keep the child in them alive. They should do things that make their heart joyous and happy.

Aries – Take a class that is completely out of your comfort zone!

Aries, being the first zodiac sign you have accustomed to being number 1 anytime. Your competitive nature makes your true essence, but your obsession with winning can sometimes be bad for you. So, next year try something which is outside of your comfort zone. Take a sushi or a yoga class. Anything that is unusual for you. This will widen your skills and you will embrace the fact that you can’t be number 1 every time.

Leo – Spend a whole day completely alone.

Leo, you are a warm and charismatic person. You are the center of attention everywhere you go. And, you really ENJOY the attention. However, being always in the spotlight can make you measure your self-worth through the validation you get from others. So, it is crucial for you to give yourself some time alone and reconnect with your true nature. You can spend a whole day pampering yourself all you want, but you should do it alone!

Sagittarius – Add a weekly hike to your schedule!

Sagittarius, you are the optimist of all Zodiac! You value your freedom and your independence, so the thing you hate the most is when you feel like you are stuck when it comes to your living situation. You love adventures and traveling and meeting other people and different cultures. So, add hiking to your weekly agenda. It can help you to reconnect with yourself and your thoughts.