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Windows double hung vs single hung


One of the most attractive features of a single hung vinyl window is the division of the binding into relatively small rectangular sections. The design of a classic English window includes an external frame and two internal sashes. The design includes two glass sashes, which are installed in a wooden frame, due to which the window has a classic appearance and is not conspicuous on old facades, which would look inharmonious with plastic windows.

The difference between a double hung and single hung can be described as follows: a single hung vinyl window with its upper and a lower sash, allows the user to slide up only the lower cash in order to let air in. The same cannot be said about the top sash, which is always locked in place, it is impossible to slide it anywhere. But by installing a double hung window, you can move both the upper and lower doors, which slide up and down, which allows you to create better air circulation in the room. Clean air can flow through the lower opening, and room air comes out through the top.

To facilitate opening, the blocks are equipped with special parts of a single hung window — counterweights that compensate for part of the load when the sash is lifted. Counterweights are located in the voids between the opening and the outside of the frame, which makes them invisible to others and ensures a smooth ride.

Pros and cons of windows double hung vs single hung

Plastic structures of the windows double hung and single hung  types have both advantages and disadvantages, which are worth talking about in detail.

Positive qualities include the following:

  • Attractive appearance that allows the structure to be in harmony with both classic and modern interiors, while not standing out externally, creating a pleasant atmosphere in the room.
  • The convenience of use. There are no protruding handles, which makes it possible not only to conveniently open the window, but also to use any curtains.
  • The unusual appearance of the window can beautify the facade.
  • Small children will not be able to open the window on their own, even if it is not equipped with special protection against them.
  • Significant space saving, free access to the window sill, since the window does not require space inside the room, it safely opens the sash, which cannot be broken by a gust of wind.

Windows vertically sliding, the price of which significantly exceeds the cost of conventional structures made of wood or plastic, may have different quality. When choosing a design, you need to pay close attention to the manufacturer. In order for the windows to work well and not give rise to complaints for many years, good quality counterweights must be used. These windows are warm and classic. They are used in the glazing of premises with the first circuit and have high tightness. They maintain a comfortable temperature in the room in any weather.