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With A Single Question, Elon Musk Spins The ‘Flat Earth Society’ Out Of Orbit – The Result Is Hilarious


Besides being well known for founding Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk has also been one of the biggest opponents of the idea that AI should function independently, predicting a grim future for us all should that happen.

However, all his serious and gloomy topics can be put aside and we can enjoy his ingenious way of making the Flat Earth Society spin out of their orbit with a single question.

Flat-Earthers believe that the idea of Earth being round is a fabricated story by NASA and other shady governmental agencies to have us all fooled into believing things that don’t exist.

Their ideology gravitates around the idea that Earth is a flat disc with an edge from which we can fall off, just like in the time of our ancestors in the Bronze and Iron Age, as well as the ancient Greeks.

Well, while NASA cover-up agent Giordano Bruno burned at the stake for the revelation that Earth is, in fact, quite round, Elon Musk ensured that Flat-Earthers receive some of that burn with his tweet that asks: Why is there no Flat-Mars society!?

Read on and feast your eyes on the fruitful discussion that follows.

And to everyone’s surprise, Flat-Earthers responded in a very scientific manner.So, there Elon – you have the answer as eloquently and clearly as possible, right?