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Woman Leaves Her Two Dogs In A Wire Cage Right Beside Bags Of Trash After Being Evicted From Her Home


A woman in Barstow, California, was evicted from her home and before she moved, she left a pile of trash bags filled with unwanted clothes and old blankets at the curbside for the morning trash pickup.

Alongside the mountain of trash, the woman also left behind her two pups in a wire cage. Both dogs were very scared and baffled as to why their owner had abandoned them alongside the curbside all by themselves with no water or food.

Thankfully, Allen Boartfield, who works as a volunteer for Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue, got informed that two frightened pups were found in a wire cage and he immediately drove to the location where the dogs had been left.

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Once Boartfield arrived there, he named the two pup siblings Treasure and Catch. He tried his best to win the petrified dogs’ trust. While Treasure got used to him fast, Catch nipped him on the hand a few times while trying to protect Treasure. Being a trained and experienced volunteer, Boartfield quickly realized that Catch was traumatized but also very attached to his sister.

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The two pups were rushed to Camino Pet Hospital in Irvine where they were carefully examined. In addition to both pups feeling upset and brokenhearted, it turned out that Catch’d caught a cold and therefore had to be isolated for treatment. As for Treasure, her fur was so matted that she could barely move without feeling pain.

Luckily, after a couple of days, when Treasure was bathed and spayed, not only did she warm up to the vets, but she transformed into a friendly, happy dog.

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Considering what these lovely pups went through and how much they suffered, I believe everyone will agree that they deserve a new, warmer, better, and forever home.

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