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Woman Performed A Dance With 10.000 Bees On Her Body And Showed What ‘One With Nature’ Really Means


If you are someone who has an extreme fear of bees of insects in general, this story might come as a shock to you. But if you are an outdoor enthusiast and a person who enjoys spending time in nature, this will warm your heart.

Sara Mapelli is an energy therapist and an artist, and she is known as the Bee Queen. Why? Because she has performed the most incredible thing that I’ve seen in a while.

She danced with 10.000 bees all over her body. Crazy? I’d say bold and magical.

Mapelli decided to spoke to National Geographic about her work. She wanted to share what made her fall in love with bees and what it feels like to be completely covered by over 15.000 bees without feeling afraid of them attacking.

Her sensual, meditative and healing bee dance is a performance that is mainly aimed at helping people conquer their fears and reconnect with nature. According to her, the whole act is just one aspect of alternative medicine practice that has a very positive effect on the ones who are a part of that experience.

For her, wearing the bees on her chest is not about being afraid of getting attacked, but about communing with other species and becoming one with nature. Furthermore, she explained that she’s always felt amazing about being a part of one big community. That is why she fell in love with their world. Her message is simple. If you take one piece out, the group will be incomplete and won’t function as well.

Truly amazing and inspirational, don’t you agree?

Her ritual begins by putting a bee pheromone on her chest and waiting for the hive to sense it and go after her. Once her whole upper body is covered in bees, she makes small, sensual movements and meditates. All the while, the bees are gently walking all over her torso, without stinging her or attacking her.

Below is a video of one of her sessions. If you are interested in reading more about her extraordinary healing work, here’s her whole interview for National Geographic.