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Meet The Woman That Smashed $200,000 Worth Of Art With A SELFIE!


On a normal day in a normal setting, taking a selfie would probably be harmless. However, on a day when you decide to visit the Hypercaine exhibition at the 14th Factory in LA and knock down a full row of artwork, while taking a selfie proves harm – $200,000 to be exact.

Simon Birch led the exhibition together with several international contributors, who stated that the art was “social”, perfect for selfies and such.

Unlike the other visitors who came to see the exhibition, one woman decided to lean in while preparing to take a selfie with the work. She literally leaned in.

Instead of being careful while taking the selfie like everyone else, she decided to actually sit on one of the art works, which ended to disaster. As shown in the video below, it was an instant occurrence, where everything happened in a matter of seconds.

In the spontaneous moment of doom, she went off balance and managed to knock over an entire row of the pieces, which proved to have caused damage up to $200,000. The beautiful and elegant crowns that once lay proudly were now a shattered work of art, lacking their original grace.

It was concluded that three of the crowns were perpetually impaired, while others to some degree. Since the exhibition is only there on a temporary basis, people are rushing to see if they can manage to take some shots without demolishing anything in the process. They have not yet stated whether the insurance company will cover the costs of the damage.

Watch the video below to see the mind-blowing results of leaning in while taking a selfie.