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Women and sleep: 8 simple steps to a better night’s rest


A comfortable sleep is a must not only for a healthy skin but also for healthy mind and soul. Poor sleeping pattern and sleep hours have an adverse effect on an entire day and your energy.  A study reveals that women need to sleep for more hours than men but the unfortunate truth is that most of the women tend to ignore this fact and have lesser sleep hours. It not only affects their health but also leaves them exhausted and frustrated.

At Verisana they provide various tips and suggestion that is aimed at improving the health condition. Better living is based on good health and sound sleep is a must for it. Sleeping has a direct impact on physical and mental health and so here are some tips that will help you have a better sleep. We bring you the following tips for women to follow, these tips will help in setting the right sleep pattern and cycle which will make you feel relaxed and wake up afresh every day.

  • Make sure you maintain a sleeping cycle– Its true that an adult must have proper 7-8 hours of sleep, but setting a sleeping cycle makes sure that you will have a sound sleep. For example, you must go to bed the same time every day. let’s say if you want to sleep for 8 hours then you must go to bed at 10 PM and wake up by 6 AM. Following this routine, every day will help you maintain a healthy sleeping cycle.
  • Get rid of mobile and wi-fi- Well, mobile phones and social media have become an addiction. People often tend to indulge in social media especially before they go to sleep. In order to have a good sleep its important that one must banish television, smartphone, computer or tablets an hour before sleeping. It helps to keep your mind cool and also relax. You may choose some relaxing recovery software to get rid of the tension of important documents and have a sound sleep.
  • Hot water bath– Ladies you have been working day in and day out. After such a tiring routine, having a hot water bath will help your body relax and will make you feel refreshed. Moreover, it helps you sleep better.
  • Avoid caffeine– Most of us have the habit of consuming coffee or tea after dinner. Well, caffeine is the biggest hinderer of sleep. So, if you want to have a good night sleep make sure that you avoid caffeine or reduce the caffeine consumption. Alcohol might act as a sedative but at the same time, it doesn’t guarantee a good sleep.
  • Exercise– Health is Wealth and for ladies, it becomes even more important. Exercise not only improves physical health but at the same it also helps the heart to pump more oxygen which eventually enhances body metabolism and helps the muscles to relax. Thus, if you are willing to have a good sleep make sure that you exercise as it acts as a short-term stimulant.
  • Sleep only when necessary- Sleeping in the afternoon can act a supplement to your sleep missed at night. But these naps in the afternoon can adversely affect your sleeping pattern. If you feel like sleeping in the daytime, then you must restrict it to 20-30 minutes in the day or a maximum of an hour.
  • Relaxation technique for better sleep- Apart from exercising you can also practice relaxation technique to make you sleep better. Follow deep creating. For this, you need to close your eyes and take a deep breath. Keep on doing this till your mind relaxes. You can also meditate an hour before sleeping. For example, you can create a small space in your house where you can sit and meditate in peace and silence. It helps you relax and sleep better.
  • Create a perfect sleeping ecosystem– A comfortable bed and good lighting arrangement ensure that you have the right sleeping ecosystem. You can also have a light music that helps your mind and body relax. Music plays an important role in relaxation and introducing positive vibes. So make sure that you have the right ambience in your room. Changing the colour of your room to soothing pastel shades also helps in creating a peaceful ambience. Lighting should not be too bright, add incense diffuser, make use of lavender oil, it works as a sleep stimulant and stress-reliever. Adding all these elements to your room creates a perfect ecosystem for sleeping.
  • Keep your bed comfortable and change sheets before you sleep– Adding new bed sheet before you go to sleep. Make sure that you slip in the right clothes and your bed should be comfortable so that you get a sound sleep.

Following these tips on a regular basis makes sure that your sleeping pattern is healthy and also in sync with your daily work. You can find more such health-related tips and suggestions at Verisana.