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Why Women Leave Men They Love: What Every Man Needs to Know


When we hear the word “love”, we all think of different things. For some, it means attention, while for others it means spending time with the person you admire. Whether we agree or disagree with these definitions, one thing is certain.

Love is not something that can be forced. Rather, it should feel unforced and smooth sailing. That is not to say that we ought to expect perfection and no bumps along the way. However, it does mean that we should not feel heartache every step of the way.

By no means should we just sit there and expect everything to work out unexpectedly. It requires work and effort. Nevertheless, when it is not what we signed up for, heartache usually takes place, leaving us feeling shattered and in wonder.

No matter the situation and circumstances, no matter the amount of love in certain relationships, they do sometimes end. You can try sowing it back together, but once something is broken, women will leave eventually.

Although there are various reasons why they choose to do so, the main ones still stand loud and clear.

  1. Change can be one of the biggest reasons women decide to leave.

Men and women function differently in times of change. While men may overspend on vehicles or similar figurines, women take a different path, especially during menopause. Instead of throwing themselves in shopping sprees, they tend to coup up and need comfort.

Change can be scary for everyone. However, going through a life crisis such as illness, menopause, and economic struggles can really affect a women’s mindset and worth. It is during these times that they need the most nurturing and attention.

There comes a time when they no longer feel wanted or attractive. Once this shift starts to happen, women need the full support of their partners to move past the obstacles. If she does not receive this type of care, she will leave without blinking twice.

  1. Being present is one of the most crucial things in a relationship.

If there is one thing a relationship needs to survive, it is physical presence. Moreover, this does not involve being in a women’s life just for the heck of it. It means actually listening to her, wanting to know how she feels and what she is going through.

Once she feels neglected, she will slowly pull away. In a world full of independent women, men are no longer a “necessity”, but a desire and someone who understands.

If you enter the comfort zone and think it is perfectly acceptable to always be wandering the streets looking for something better to do, you are in trouble.

Women choose partners who will support them not so much on a financial level, but on an intellectual and emotional level.

Once a woman has realized that you are taking her for granted, she will call it quits eventually. It may take some time, but be ready. We no longer live in a society where women are still only expected to bear men children, cook and clean.

In a world where women work just as hard as men, no woman will allow someone to just mope around and be of no use. This is not in the literal sense, but rather in the “desire to stick around”.

  1. When she knows your next move, it may be high time to spice things up.

Men have been known for their habit of getting used to things the way they are. They tend to fall into a place they feel comfortable and sense no need to try new things. Mind you, this does not change as time progresses. It only gets worse.

Men like to play it safe and this could not be more of a turn off. Women, on the other hand, are quite different in this respect. They need more spontaneity and hints of love and appreciation.

The more you go into details, the better. The little things matter to women, especially at an older age. Women have never done boring, nor will they ever.

  1. If she feels alone, it might be entirely your fault.

Men are believed to be less emotionally stable than women are, but this does not excuse the fact that they are present without actually being present. Do not confuse being there with actually being there.

Women like to express themselves and want to be heard. If she can make you feel like you are her whole world, then men, you should be able to make time to listen to her. If a woman feels neglected, she will leave.

  1. Acknowledgement is a crucial part of a healthy relationship.

Women do most of the housework, cleaning, cooking, shopping and taking care of everything else, so the least men can do is listen. This is all women really want, anyway.

They need to be heard and understood. The more a woman shares, the better. It is a sign of pure trust. Communication is key to any relationship, so the more you hear, the better. Women will rarely ask for something, but when they do, men should listen.

  1. Do not put sexiness on the backburner.

As we have already stated, women are individuals who not only need to feel loved and appreciated, they also need to feel sexy. Unlike men, women need more intimacy and steady footsteps. Women need to feel alive and wanted.

Doing the same thing every day will not stimulate a woman. Rather, it will bore her to death. The more surprises, the better. Women do not only leave when they are lonely. They also leave when they are bored.

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