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Women Are Now Using Vaginal Alarm Clocks


Are you having troubles getting up in the morning? Is your alarm clock your worst enemy? Can you count how many times you’ve hit the snooze button and you ended up being late again?

Merle also experiences the same issues when waking up in the morning. She says she has a real alarm clock, but she immediately throws it out of the nightstand in the morning.

She says she has tried everything from cold showers to going to bed early. Cold showers have proved unsuccessful because she still has to get out of the bed in order to get in the shower, and going to bed early is a thing she never manages to do.

Do you wonder how many times she hits the snooze button? – She says probably 5-6 times.

She says she just cannot get up in the morning.

Now, she discovered a sexy way to wake up in the morning. Namely, there are now vaginal alarm clocks that go directly under the vagina called “Wake sexy” which cost around $104.

These vagina alarm clocks have vibrations that start 5 minutes before alarm time and then the power slowly increases. They also have an option for adjusting the power of the vibrations.

Merle has decided to give this vaginal alarm clock a try. She says her biggest fear is that she can even escape the vaginal alarm clock and then everyone is going to know.

However, after using it for several weeks she says that she is feeling refreshed, awake, and a little dirty.

Ladies, what do you think? Would you give it a try?