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7 Signs That She Is Cheating On You

signs she is cheating

Cheating is an incredibly painful thing. Especially for the person that has been cheated on.

This is why some people choose to live in oblivion rather than face the painful truth that their partner is cheating on them and having to end the relationship. (1)

So, gentlemen, how do you know when your girlfriend or your wife is cheating on you?

7 signs that she is cheating on you: 

1. She starts being secretive about her private things.

When a woman loves a guy, she wants to tell him everything. She wants to be in his presence all the time and be close to him physically and emotionally. However, when there is a distance between the partners, or when one partner starts craving more time for themselves apart from their partner, then that could be a red flag.

A woman in love is very honest with her man. However, when she starts being secretive, when she doesn’t talk to you much about her day, when you notice that she is distancing herself from you, then you should keep an eye on her because she may have someone else in her life that she is attracted to.

A woman that has someone else on the side, spends more time alone and wants to have more space for herself in the relationship. This is not wrong per se, but if you suddenly notice that she hides her phone or that she smiles whenever she gets a text message – it is a sign that there may be some other guy in the picture.

2. She mentions a new friend out of the blue.

Regardless of whether you believe in male-female friendships or not, when your woman suddenly mentions a name that she hadn’t mentioned before, and it seems to you like she became close to this new person – pay attention because there is probably more to their friendship than she tells you.

There is nothing wrong with her making new friends, but this particular friend suddenly becomes very close to her. She seems to spend way too much time with him, so there is a possibility that things could go wrong in your relationship when he becomes more informed about her day than you.

Of course, she won’t admit to you that she is emotionally attached to him. And perhaps she will even gaslight you to the point of believing that you are crazy, possessive, and obsessively jealous. Don’t fall into this trap. Open your eyes and watch this new “friendship” closely.

3. She starts acting distant and disinterested.

Physical, as well as emotional connection and intimacy, become nonexistent. And every time you ask her what’s wrong she becomes ambiguous and won’t give you a straight answer. Maybe some other man has captured her attention, who knows. (2)

Listen, a woman needs to be close to her man. Emotionally and physically. She needs to connect to him on a deep level. Every woman is wired this way. When a woman is in love, she can’t get enough of you. She will want to know everything about you because it’s her nature.

But, if your woman suddenly starts distancing herself from you, then it is a huge red flag. When a woman stops being interested in you, when it seems as if she could care less about what you are doing, it means that her emotions are someplace else. Maybe to another man?

4. She seems like she couldn’t care less whether you see each other or not.

A woman who likes to be with you will want to see you as often as possible. She will make time for you. She will cancel plans with her girlfriends just to be with you. She will make you a priority in her life.

On the other hand, if you feel that she started avoiding you, making up excuses to not see you or spend time with you, if you feel as if suddenly everything is more important than you and you hardly see each other – then she probably has someone else that she is seeing on a regular basis.

It’s as if her schedule suddenly becomes so busy, that she can’t make time for you. Let’s say that workdays don’t count, but if she is not available on weekends also – something is wrong there.

5. She begins to see problems even where there aren’t any.

signs she is cheating This is a typical behavior of a person who wants out of the relationship, so they start finding faults and problems to justify and convince themselves that the best for both of you is to split ways.

This is called projecting. She is feeling guilty for cheating, and by starting petty fights with you, she tries to calm down her conscience and tell herself that you are not good for her. She tries to put the blame on you in order to not feel like she is the bad person in your relationship.

Or, she does this because she wants you to be the one to break up with her, so she won’t have any guilty feelings. And the reason that she wants you to break it off is because she has found someone new but is too ashamed to tell you. The sad truth is, she is probably happy with someone else, and that’s why she is constantly arguing with you.

6. She starts realizing that you two aren’t as compatible as she thought you were.

When a woman is in love with a man, she starts overlooking his flaws. Instead of trying to find what is wrong with him, or signs that they are not compatible, she will look only at the positive things about their relationship.

So, when a woman is cheating on the man she is in a relationship with, she begins to look for flaws in him and in his character. She starts convincing herself that he is not good for her to justify the cheating. And she will start telling herself that the new person is more compatible with her than her partner.

When your woman is cheating, she can’t seem to find a connection between you two, and she starts telling you that even though you love each other, you are not having the same interests and values. Maybe some other man does?

7. And probably the biggest revelation sign of every cheater is when they accuse you of cheating.

Specifically, when you have done nothing of the sort to make her feel suspicious. This is a classic projection of the guilt feelings that she experiences -she starts projecting her infidelity to you.

When a person starts accusing you of cheating on them when they don’t have any proof or you haven’t given them any reason to doubt you, that is usually a sign that they are the ones who are being unfaithful.

So, what do you think? Can you think of more signs that a woman is being unfaithful?

7 Signs That She Is Cheating On You