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Women, Stop Doing These Annoying Things To Your Man


You always try to give your best in a relationship. If I think a little bit better, you give even much more than that.

You try so hard to get your partner’s attention. To help him even when he doesn’t ask for a help. Not only you want to open and win his heart, you desperately guess what’s happening in his head and where all his thoughts wander. Moreover, you wake up with the idea that he can change.

That’s irritating, annoying. It hurts your relationship. It brings lots of frustrations.

Dear women, here are some of the Big Red “No” things you’re possibly doing to your sweety.

DON’T assume he has the power to read your mind.

Men are simple creatures. When he tells you he’s going for a cup of coffee with his friends, and you already have a plan to be with him, Don’t tell him you’re fine with that.

Tell him that you thought it will be your night. Say what you think, express how you feel. If you say you’re fine with it (when you are not), he will accept it and go. Then, you will be mad at him and he won’t even have an idea why.

DON’T act like his mommy. Don’t treat him like a child.

Men are supposed to be strong. They want to feel that way. They want to be seen as protectors. That’s why most of them avoid bringing their emotions to the surface.

So, when he finally tries to open himself about his emotions a little bit more, dOn’t look at him as you look at a baby. Don’t suffocate him with your care. Babies are sweet, men are grown up. Treat him like that.

DON’T have unrealistic expectations about him.

Yes, he might be the man of your life, but he definitely can’t act like a prince charming all the time. It’s about real life. He is not perfect. Nobody is.

Don’t expect him to do everything you want because you may get disappointed. Instead of this, try to appreciate him for what he is, and he will be willing to put much more efforts to make you happy.

DON’T ask him questions whose answers will make you mad.

“Why are you looking at her? Is she prettier? What does she have I don’t have?” You’ll just create a big cloud of confusion. You don’t want To know the answers. You don’t want to get mad. And you will. Both ways.

If he tells you “no, she is not prettier”, you will think that he’s lying. If he says “yes”, you will get mad at him and all this will drive both of you nuts.

DON’T act like the “Big brother”.

In other words, don’t smother him with your control. Don’t check his phone. Don’t read his emails. Don’t ask where he is over and over again. Don’t torture him with 1000 of questions about his colleague! Yes, the one with a dark curly hair and perfect legs! Don’t.

Nobody wants to be in chains. Let him some free space. Let him breathe. He will appreciate that for sure.

I know, your man is your treasure, the other half, he’s the man of your life. You love him. But, I also know, this way, you’re torturing him as well as yourself.

In the end, of course, people are different. Maybe there are men who do like these things. However, for most of them, this stuff is annoying. I thought, your man will want you to know all this.

ImageDiego Lizarazo