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Women Who Know What They Want In Life Would Never Put Up With These 10 Things In A Relationship


A woman who is clear about what she wants from life is a woman who would never ever settle for less. She would never allow herself to accept something mediocre in life.

To her, it is all or nothing. You either love her with all of your heart and soul or let her go. There is no middle ground.

Here are 10 things she would never put up with in a relationship:

1. Disrespect. A strong woman would never let someone talk her down or belittle her, let alone be with someone like that. She knows her worth; she knows exactly who she is and she is not going to let anyone walk all over her.

2. Silly excuses. I mean, we all make mistakes and we all apologize. I understand that. But when excuses become an everyday thing, and they are the only thing that you say to her, it becomes clear that you are making those mistakes on purpose.  

3. Being told what to do. A woman who knows what she wants in life and works hard to fulfills her dreams won’t let you control her. If she ever notices that you are trying to take control over her, she will cut you off. You’ve been warned, my friend.

4.Cheating. Honestly, I don’t know a person who approves cheating. But I know I few that have forgiven cheating. She is not one of those people. Because when this woman catches you sneaking behind her back, that will be the end of her trust in you. She will no longer respect your word. Nothing you ever say will matter.

5. Lying behind her back. She will always be honest with you no matter what. So, she will expect the same thing from you. If you think that you can get away with your dirty little lies, you are mistaken. She can sense bullsh*t from afar.

6. Manipulation. Don’t even get me started on this. If you think that this is the way to keep her beside you, you are wrong. Strong women don’t respond to manipulation tricks and threats.

7. Jealousy. This is a big NO. When a strong woman gets in a relationship with someone, she makes that step because she believes in that person. She put her trust in him and she knows that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. If you don’t feel the same and you need to question her every time she does something on her own, you don’t deserve her.

8. Settling for average. She knows how much she’s been through to get here, so she is never going back down. She would never ever settle for something less than what she deserves. She is not making the same mistake all over again.

9. Waiting for someone to make up their mind. She values her time and she has more important things on her mind. Don’t ever think that she is going to wait for you to decide whether you want to be with her or not.

10.No support. She doesn’t need you. She doesn’t need you to save her. She does that all by herself. She wants you and she wants your unconditional support. She wants to know that there is someone out there that she can count on when things get tough. So, if you are not planning to be that person for her, just leave her alone. Let her find her happiness someplace else.