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Working Out Safely at the Gym During COVID-19


Since the spring of 2020, you have walked the dog for probably hundreds of miles, tried online yoga, purchased a set of weights and watched more calisthenics videos on YouTube than shows on Netflix. You even removed the laundry hanging up on your treadmill, dusted the old thing off and walked, jogged and ran your way through many workouts.

In other words, you did your absolute best to stay fit and get in your needed exercise at home since COVID-19 reared its ugly head. But truth be told? You really miss going to the gym, and you were delighted to learn it will open back up in a couple of weeks.

To make your return as healthy and safe as possible, it’s important to know that some things will look much different than prior to last spring. Here are some things you can expect.

Equipment-Free Workouts

Before, your favorite gym had literal tons of free weights, barbells, medicine balls and ellipticals for everyone to use. Now, as it’s opening up again during a pandemic, you should expect to see lots of bodyweight training in lieu of these “touchable” pieces of equipment, Today reports. The gym’s owners may focus more on providing safe places for pushups and burpees instead of machines that must be continually cleaned.

Group Workouts May Still Be On Hold

Group training and classes, both very popular options for workouts, may return a bit slower than everything else at your gym. You might have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a trainer or in a very small group, but for now, you probably won’t be able to take part in a huge spinning class or yoga session like before.

Exercising in a Mask Will Be Required

Most gyms will not only require their staff to be in face masks, but also their members. To be as comfortable as possible while getting in your workout and also stay safe in an indoor environment, you might want to buy some disposable and high-quality face masks. For instance, the black KN95 face masks from Green Supply look great and also fit comfortably on the face while offering a filtration efficiency rate of 95 percent. You should take a few of them with you each time you go the gym; this way, you can replace a sweaty mask with a new and dry one as needed.

Go During “Off” Hours

While you are excited to go back to the gym, you are understandably a bit leery about being there with lots of other people. Granted, the owners should be limiting the number of members they let in, but there will still be times when it’s less crowded. As the Mayo Clinic notes, you should avoid going during busy times of the day or night. Before heading out, use any available options for online reservations, and if possible, see how many others are signed up at different times so you can choose an option with the fewest people.

Clean the Equipment but Skip the Locker Room

The staff will probably be cleaning everything like crazy, but you should do your part and spray down anything you use before and after touching it. And if the locker rooms are open, you still might want to skip the post-workout shower at the gym and instead head home to clean up.

Have a Great and Safe Workout

Your gym may not look exactly the same as it did prior to COVID-19, but that’s okay. Fortunately, with a combination of wearing a mask, following the gym’s policies and some careful cleaning, you should enjoy safe and healthy workouts as you did before.