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Working out while on period


Most women will not like to hear the word “exercising” during their periods. This is because many women experience a lot of pain and discomfort during this time of the month. Another thing that women don’t like while on their periods is getting messy or having a period of leakage. This makes them prefer to just sit and move around with a lot of caution.

Exercises will increase blood circulation, help you feel better and reduces the discomfort that comes with periods. These symptoms are belly bloating, cramps and headaches. Exercise is known to help your brain and the nervous system release a hormone called Endorphins which act as a natural painkiller and it’s also a feel-good hormone.

During your period, progesterone and estrogen hormones are at their lowest levels and this can make you feel less energetic. But this should not stop you from exercising. You can just do moderate exercises and don’t push yourself so much, you can do a simple exercise like walking.

Benefits of workouts while on period

  1. Reduces menstrual cramps

Exercising helps to ease cramps by increasing blood flow to the pelvic area and also by relaxing the uterine muscles. But if you have a heavy flow and severe cramps, don’t push yourself with high-intensity exercises instead do the simple ones like walking or jogging.

  1. Reduces headaches

Due to the drop in estrogen levels, you might get headaches. But this can be reduced by doing light exercises like walking and yoga. Exercising will help your brain to release endorphin hormone which is a natural painkiller. The endorphins will calm you and make you feel good.

  1. Boost your mood and reduces stress

Period time is one of the lowest moments in a woman’s life. Exercise is a stress reliever and the endorphin hormone released during exercise will elevate your moods.

  1. Reduces belly bloat

Sweating out will help in getting rid of excess water in the body and this will reduce stomach bloating.

Light exercises that you can do while on your period

Get out of that couch and do moderate or light intensity exercises. But remember to listen to your body so as not to engage in high-intensity exercises that might injure you. Here are some of the exercises you can do while having fun at home.

  1. Walking

Since your body cannot withstand the strain, try simple workouts like walking. Walking regularly has immense benefits like maintaining a healthy weight, strengthening the bones and muscles and it can also elevate your moods.

  1. Pilates

This type of exercise targets the muscles. It’s a good workout if you’re suffering from back pain because it improves your core strength and stability. It also improves your flexibility, posture, and balance. This exercise is good for preventing and treating back pain.

  1. Pilate lunges

This exercise targets the larger muscles group by stimulating blood flow. It also helps in increasing metabolism and energy reducing the tiredness that you struggle with during your periods.

  1. Side Bends

This exercise works out your body by strengthening your upper body and the waist. Since lying on the stomach is not comfortable while on periods, this position can be good because you will focus on your obliques.

  1. Rolling down the wall

Periods sometimes are accompanied by lower back pain. When you roll down the wall, you will be easing the lower back pain by relaxing the back muscles.

  1. Yoga

Yoga poses are good because they help in circulation and increase the blood flow. Inverted poses should be avoided because it causes vascular congestion in the uterus and this can cause excessive menstrual flow.

  1. Jogging

Apart from keeping you fit, jogging while on periods will help you reduce cramps, fatigue and the discomfort that comes with periods. Although you might feel that you lack the energy, once you start you will gain the momentum and continue. Remember to drink water before and after jogging.

  1. Dancing

If you don’t like dancing then your life must be boring! Dancing while on your periods will help in boosting your moods as well as burn some calories. It will improve your flexibility, muscle tone, mental wellbeing and increase your muscle strength. So turn on your favorite music and enjoy those moves as you stay healthy.

What you need to know

  • Exercising while on your period will not cause injury but listen to your body and don’t strain, just do what your body can manage.
  • Exercises reduce cramps, fatigue, and irritability that accompanies menstrual periods.
  • Avoid inverted poses while doing yoga because it can cause vascular congestion in your uterus which might make you get excess flow.
  • Drink plenty of water always and eat healthily.