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Working Ways to Fight Insomnia That You Haven’t Known Before


You’re not alone if you’re struggling with insomnia that has negative effects on your health. It can increase your risk of high blood pressure and insomnia and lower life quality. So how do you fight it? You’ve probably tried medications but to no avail ineffective. Here are some ways to fight it that you might not have known before.

Meditation and Medical Marijuana

Meditation for insomnia is one of the solutions for total body relaxation and aid for a better sleep. But for the best results, some people consider medical marijuana for insomnia to help them achieve a comfortable place that aids in better meditation.

With it, they can relax, slow their breathing, and stay calm. Marijuana products for meditation can also help in heightened awareness, preventing mind wandering and allowing one to focus on the session rather than being all over the place. In marijuana dispensaries you can find different types of marijuana products, such as cannabis edibles, vaping juices, cbd products, etc that will help you to relax and fight insomnia.

Bedroom Placing Tips for better sleep

If you believe in Feng Shui, do not place your bed near any door (e.g. bathroom door, balcony doors…), but if your bed is in line with a door, have a piece of furniture between the door and the bed.   ]

The bed must not also be aligned with a door. Also, the bed should have a supporting wall behind it for a strong bed placement.

According to Feng Shui, it can create a protective and strong energy around your bed for more power and better energy. Additionally, you can paint your wall using an accent color matching for the bedroom decoration.

For bedroom tips

You can fight insomnia by starting making changes in your bedroom, which must feel cozy and serene for a better sleep. If you don’t have the time to repaint the walls, you can instead add pictures of a serene place on your nightstand.

If you think your bedroom looks boring and needs some makeover, you can consider faux wood beams to change the feel or perhaps serve as inspiration because they’re good to look at. Moreover, you can think about adding cozy lighting.

Do not put an office in your bedroom. It is not a place for working but for relaxing and recharging.             In addition, you must clear the clutter out of one of the best bedroom tips to consider because it helps create that relaxing vibe that you can only achieve by having a clutter-free bedroom.

When it comes to mattresses,   you must go for those ideal for your sleeping style like side, stomach or back sleeping as well as body weight.  Choose one that can keep your spine aligned all the time.

Avoid alcohol

Some people perceive that alcohol aids for a better sleep, but it doesn’t.  While it helps one fall asleep faster and deeply, it won’t make sleep last.  It can also reduce rapid eye movement sleep.

What happens to the body under alcohol?  It goes into a sleep rhythm battle that can hinder the circadian rhythm because it does affect the sleep-inducing chemicals, which make you fall asleep if you’ve been awake for a long time.

Find apps to help you sleep

With the development of the internet also comes the emergence of apps.  Now, there are also those that can help you sleep and promise that you stay asleep.

One of those is Headspace, a meditation application perfect for sleep.  You can find sleepcasts in the free version. Each audio lasts between 45 and 55 minutes. These audio files are adult bedtime stories that help users imagine calming experiences like a walk through a garden. This app is available for iOS and android.

Another is NOISLI that allows users to select from different sounds like white noise, thunder and wind to create that sleep soundtrack they want. This app is also available for android and iOS.

Work out regularly

Exercise can affect sleep and in positive ways.  For one, it can boost and improve sleep because it contributes to a more restful and sounder sleep.           Regular exercise can train your body to increase deep sleep time, a restorative sleep phase that supports cardiac health and boosts immune function. It can also control stress, reduce anxiety and beat insomnia.

Exercise can also increase sleep amount and quality.  It requires the body to expend more energy leading to tiredness and preparing it for sleep at night.   In addition, it can relieve anxiety and stress, which both contribute to insomnia.

So if you would like to improve sleep, you might want to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. It is a natural sleep aid and mood disorder buster.  For a less intense workout than running, you can try a mind-body exercise like yoga and stretching. Both can lower blood pressure and cortisol levels and promote mood.

If you want to fight insomnia, try these natural methods like improving bedroom placement, exercising regularly, using sleep apps and trying meditation and medical marijuana for insomnia. In no time, you can beat insomnia and achieve great sleep night after night.