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World Happiness – Finland Still In The Lead


Finland has once again been crowned as the World’s Happiest Country in 2020 for the fourth year in a row. This has always left people around the globe wondering how a country with not-so-favourable weather conditions tops the World Happiness Report. Is it their cuisine, attraction sites, or perhaps their freedom to enjoy blackjack online? Well, to understand this, you need to understand what the World Happiness Report is. 

For starters, this report is a United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network publication. It considers several factors such as perceived corruption, generosity, personal freedom to make choices, social support, and gross domestic product (GDP). Other than that, below are some things that make Finland worthy of being the happiest country in the world. 

  • Happiness Everywhere

The country has been praised for its well-functioning social equality, sense of freedom, low corruption levels, and wealth distribution. Even better, most people trust their police service. These are just some of the factors that certainly make Finland one of the happiest places to be. 

  • An Outward Happiness

Another source of Finn’s happiness is the freedom to enjoy the outdoors. Finns can enjoy nature, lakes, forests, traditional steam baths, and saunas. Being able to enjoy Mother Nature freely and the fresh air it brings is one thing that results in the happiness and well-being of a person. Besides, forests cover 75% of the land, and everyone has the freedom to enjoy them. It is certain that spending at least 30 minutes in nature is known to reduce depression and high blood pressure.

More to the point, Finland has about two million saunas, which means there is plenty of room for everyone mind that the country’s population is just 5.4 million. The saunas are the perfect place to purify your body, soul, and mind. 

  • Happiness At Work

On top of this, the country has an impressive flat organisation model. They were one of the first nations to pioneer this model, which has now made way to other countries. It is simply a work structure with few levels of management between employees and leadership. Sometimes, there may be no middle management at all. 

The main objective of this model is to improve communication, decision-making, and involvement between the management and the staff.  This means minimal or no supervision is needed at all. Thanks to this structure, Finland has an increase in workplace productivity and teamwork in most organisations. As a result, this promotes a healthy work environment for Finnish citizens, which, as you know, happiness in the place of work equals overall joy. 

  • Channel Your Inner Sisu 

Finns embrace the idea of perseverance or resilience even in the darkest or toughest times. Instead of viewing them as challenges, you can look at them as opportunities. It is all about never giving up, even when the task seems impossible. In general, Sisu is considered to have a positive impact on one’s mental health, which can trigger happiness. 


It is now obvious why Finns are regarded as the happiest people. Even though they may not walk around with huge grins on their faces, it is clear that they have a sense of peace and are content with their lives.