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Writing Research Papers Boost Your Mind: Facts And Survey


When you say research paper what comes to your mind is working with stacks of books, magazines, articles and encyclopedias, trying to put together other’s thoughts.

Yet, a research paper is much more than this. It’s not enough, to sum up your sources and piece together what other’s said on a certain topic. In such a paper it is expected to present your ideas and your perspective on the topic, backed up by other’s information and ideas.

If you look at any research paper online, you will see that it has a well-established structure, coherence, and depth of the discussion and that it is easy to follow and read. Research papers are of utmost importance and an inalienable part of academic studies. During your years as a college student, you will have to write many such essays, on various topics related to the curriculum. At first, you might need some research paper help, but once you get the hang of it, things will be much easier.

But why do they pay so much importance to research papers? No, it is not to stress out students, as many would believe, nor to push them to buy research papers.

Various studies have shown that writing research papers has a major positive impact on your mind, boosting your writing skills, your analytical and critical thinking capabilities and your ability to give form to a concept in a concise and detailed manner.

Working memory

When you draft a research paper, you use your working memory to connect the pieces together and to relate the pieces of information you find with the knowledge that you have. Also, when you write you exercise your thinking and this keeps your brain in shape as you age.

Attention and discipline

The research you have to do for such a paper keeps you focused and disciplined in your work. You have to look at the topic from various angles and find new views that others before have never thought about. And this requires a lot of attention, organization, and discipline.

Logical thinking

In a research paper, there is no room for mistakes. You have to think logically and rationally and select the sources that are best for your topic and the quotes that will make the best of it. To achieve the perfect research paper, you have to do a lot of reading, which automatically will improve your thinking capability.


While you gather information for your research paper, you have expanded your knowledge regarding the main topic. For example, if you have to write a paper on post-colonialism, you have to read both Cesaire and Retamar to be able to understand post-colonial expressions from Latin America and Europe and then compare them. This will challenge you into finding more works from various authors, therefore expanding your knowledge base.

Vocabulary expansion

We live in an era when we are controlled by tweeting and texting. That is why our communication has shifted into using few words to express our ideas. This might make you forget certain words and find difficulty in expressing your thoughts at an academic level. Writing research papers and reading a lot will push you into using words that you do not usually use daily. These will slowly sneak they way into your vocabulary.

Creativity and intelligence

It’s not easy to come up with an original and creative perspective on a general topic, such as religion or the human rights for example. Writing a research paper on such a topic will broaden your horizon and make you talk about the topic in an authoritative way. This does not apply when you request the help of people who write papers for money.

Better speaker

Because you would have to write research papers on so many topics would enrich your vocabulary and overall knowledge. You will become a better speaker, find your words and ideas easily and be able to have conversations on a variety of subjects.

Focus on learning

Doing research for such a paper requires reading a lot of interesting content, being up to date with what’s new, what has been said on the topic and what has not been said in order to find a new approach. This will make you focused on learning.

It is true that many students today choose online term paper writing service and companies offering research papers, due to the fact that they do not have enough time to write the paper themselves or because they have no idea how to approach the topic. Next time when you are in such a situation, think of the benefits that writing your research paper will bring. Ask your teacher to explain the topic if you have not understood it, start gathering your sources and start writing.