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You Are Overweight, So What?


Being overweight doesn’t mean you’re ugly. The shape of your body and your weight can’t and shouldn’t determine your worth and happiness.

You know, the problem is not in or about overweight people, but it’s about those who are overly judgmental, inconsiderate, and full of prejudice towards people whose body is not like that of the world’s most famous models. Their looks, comments, and tactless remarks make overweight people feel self-conscious. 

I have friends who are overweight and most of them share this trait. It’s important to mention that their self-consciousness stems from other people’s rude comments but also from their own insecurities. Either way, this makes them feel uncomfortable and lack confidence.

Yet, I have a message to all the amazing overweight people out there: Your worth doesn’t depend on your weight. Your beauty comes from the inside of you. It comes from the way you lead your life, from your merits, from the good things you do for yourself and the others. And the people who deserve to be a part of your life will accept and cherish you for who you are.

So, if the following things look familiar to you, you better stop doing them now because remember you’re beautiful and worthy just the way you are:

1. You can’t stand when people try to give you advice about your weight.

You often hear your friends tell you stuff like: “Why don’t you come to the gym with me?” “You shouldn’t consume sweets and fizzy drinks.” “Have you tried this diet?” Or “I think you’re eating too much.” It hurts to hear these things, especially when they come from your friends and family members. But, if they love you for who you are and not for your body, or how you look like, or what guys think of you they’ll accept you as you are, with all your imperfections.

2. You always try to be the funny one.

You think that people laugh at you because you’re overweight so you always try to make jokes about something else so that you aren’t the target any longer. But, you need to know that you aren’t funny and certainly don’t deserve to be laughed at. True friends would never make you feel like you’re the subject of every joke, of every laugh.

3. You don’t do anything.

You rarely go out. You hardly ever go to the beach. You avoid parties and all sorts of social gatherings. You try to make yourself as least noticeable as you possibly can.

Go out and have some fun, girl. Life is too short to spend it hiding from others and being alone. Remember, you’re not ugly, scary, or unimportant, so there’s no reason why you should hide from the world.

4. You feel upset when your friends say they’re fat.

You can’t stand when your straight-sized friends say they should lose weight because you feel this applies to you too. Yet, if you know your worth, you won’t let anything and anyone make you feel unimportant. And you know how they say, your body – your rules. You’ll lose weight when you decide it.

5. You hate going shopping with your friends.

You feel uncomfortable when you enter many clothing stores and none of them offers L size. Yet, you shouldn’t feel this way. If your friends really care about your feelings, they can suggest going to clothes shops that offer different sizes so that you don’t feel uncomfortable and enjoy the shopping instead.

6. You hate going to parties together with your friends.

You find it unbearable standing and dancing with your friends in the club because you feel like everyone is staring at you. But, is this really so? Chances are that your self-consciousness makes you think others see and talk about your body. But, this does not necessarily mean that others see you in that way. Relax, girl. You’re only young once so try to dance and have fun as much as you can.

7. You hate when your friends talk about how many guys hit on them the previous night.

You tend not to go out too much with your friends because you think guys will only hit on your friends and no one will find you attractive. But, do you really think that the number of guys hitting on your friends is an indicator of your beauty and importance? Yeah, I don’t think it is as well.

8. You hate making selfies with your friends.

You feel like you look too big next to your skinny friends so you either move to the back of  photos or don’t take them at all. But, chances are you’re the only one who looks at that this way.

9. You hate when your friends swap clothes and you don’t.

Whether it’s for parties or formal occasions, you feel uncomfortable when you can’t borrow from or lend clothes to your friends because you’re not the same size. But, we’re all different and therefore beautiful in unique ways. You need to learn to accept yourself as you are so that you don’t get upset by such trivialities.

10. You despise situations in which you and your friends talk about what size you are.

Yeah, you are not an S, but does your clothes size define who you are?

 11. You hate summer.

You hate summer because you think you sweat more than other people and this makes you look ugly. But, come on, girl! People who are straight-sized aren’t spared from this as well. You’re not different from the rest in this aspect, and trust me, that’s something people will pay the least attention to.

12. You think “fat” means ugly.

Accept and love yourself as you are. You’re beautiful with a pound more or a pound less. And if you think you’ll feel better about yourself and prettier, if you lose weight, just go ahead and do it.

Image: Ma_Co2013

You Are Overweight, So What?