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You Are The Reason Why She Left


You were one of the few lucky people who had the chance to be with this type of woman. She’s loving, kind, smart, and generous. She loves hard and unconditionally. She’s the kind of woman who deserves to feel all the love and happiness in the world because her heart is so big and pure.

But, you couldn’t or perhaps, didn’t want to see that. You took her for granted. You thought that no matter what you said or did, she’d always stay by your side. You thought that she belonged to you, that you were the master of her mind, body, and soul.

You stopped paying attention to her. Oftentimes, she felt like her feelings and emotions didn’t matter to you.

You pretended that things were normal but she felt your indifference the moment you became distant. Yet, she chose to stay and make things work. She lived in hope that if you saw how great her love for you was, you’d realize she was worth fighting for.

However, no relationship can work if both partners don’t want that to happen. Finally, she plucked up the courage to admit to herself that you weren’t headed in the same direction. She knew that letting go of would be painful for her, but she also knew that if she stayed, it’d hurt her even more. So, she decided to walk away from you.

If you ever ask yourself about why she left you, here are the reasons:

She left because she couldn’t take it any longer.

She left because she couldn’t endure your disinterest anymore. She was mentally and physically exhausted. She couldn’t put up with your reproaches and harsh comments. She was tired of your lies, excuses, apologies, and promises. Instead of feeling your love and warmth when she was beside you, she felt lonely.

She left because your demons became her demons and this emotionally drained her. Her eyes stopped glowing with happiness. She felt like she was carrying a heavy burden on her shoulders.  She wanted to free herself from the ties you put around her. She could no longer endure this agony.

She left because she was tired of fighting for your attention.

You meant the world to her and she believed you felt the same way about her. But she was wrong. You don’t make the person you love beg for your attention. And that’s exactly what she did. It hurt her when she saw that you always had time for your friends, and sometimes even other girls. She felt as if they were more important to you than her. She felt like she was just one of your daily responsibilities, a second option and this broke her heart.

She left because she needed to be herself again.

She didn’t leave you because she stopped loving you or because she was angry at you.  She left because the person she loved and accepted for who he was never allowed her to be herself. She had flaws and imperfections and she knew that.

But, the person who loves truly and unconditionally embraces the other person with all their faults, insecurities, fears, and failures. And what did you do? Whenever she made a mistake or even said something silly, you told her how irresponsible and useless she was. Your harsh comments made her feel weak and unworthy.

You never made her feel that she was good enough just the way she was. That she was perfect to you with all her imperfections.

She left because you didn’t want to see that your behavior was the root of her unhappiness.

You couldn’t or didn’t want to see that she all she ever wanted was you. You couldn’t see the love that was right in front of you, the kind of life that makes you feel alive and inspires you to become a better version of yourself.

You didn’t want to be confronted by her. You expected her to agree with you about everything and behave in a way that suited you. But, she wasn’t that weak as you thought she was. She was actually very strong. Strong to admit to herself that you were limiting her freedom and preventing her from being herself.

She left because there wasn’t anything left she could do to save your relationship

She didn’t leave the first time things got rough but she stayed and did her best to make your relationship work. She let you manipulate her and make her think it was her fault and she tried to change herself so that you like her.

She made compromises and defended you in front of her friends who often told her that you didn’t deserve her love and kindness. She tried to make you see her worth and loyalty to you. She tried to make you happy and fulfilled. But, all that was in vain.

She left because she had no other option left.

She fully committed herself to you and you didn’t give her anything in return. She couldn’t endure the emotional pain any longer.  She knew there was no use fighting for someone when the battle had been already lost.

She decided to no longer sacrifice her own happiness and emotional well-being for someone who she wasn’t even sure cared about her. It was painful for her to leave you but she knew that if she stayed it would hurt her even more. She had to spread her wings and fly to a place where she’d feel free and alive again.

Image: Eugene Kukulka