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You Broke Her, So Don’t Be Surprised When You Realize That She’s Not The Same Person Anymore


You came into her life when she least expected it. You gave her hopes. You made her fall for you. You were there for her. You gave her a reason to believe in a possible future with you. You were her everything. But she was only a small, insignificant part of your life.

You seemed like someone who loved her more than anything in the world, but in the end, it turned out that you were only pretending. Your words were based on lies. One big web of lies.

Just when she felt comfortable enough to open her soul and surrender her body, mind, and heart to you, you crushed her. You took her heart and you broke it. You broke it to millions of pieces. You left her with a heartbreak that destroyed her entire world.

For what?

All she ever desired was to find a person who would love her the way she deserves. All she ever wanted was to experience true love. The one that people write novels about. The one that changes you from the very core and makes you forget about everything else.

She wanted the kind of love that leaves you speechless, feeds your soul and nourishes your heart. All you ever gave her was false hope, sorrow, and pain.

This woman gave you her heart on a golden platter thinking that you would know what to do with it, but you destroyed it. She treated you with respect. She took care of you. She was there when you needed her. She loved you more than anyone else in your life.

She never deserved that kind of cruel treatment. She never deserved to be punished for loving hard. But you couldn’t care less about what she wants. You were too busy taking care of your needs.

Well, let me tell you something.

You may not realize how much you’ve lost now, but there will come a day when you realize what you’ve done. And you will regret your actions.  You will feel the loneliness before you fall asleep when you wake up in the morning and even when you are surrounded with people. You will miss the love that she desperately tried to give you.

And so, you will try to get back to her. But guess why?

It will all be too late. Your efforts will be for nothing. Because she will be a completely different person. A brand-new individual.

She will no longer be the person that she used to be. No. She will no longer that naive woman who believed in your empty promises. She has burnt herself once on you. There will be no second time around.

She will be guarded. She will be very cautious. She won’t be desperate for your love. She won’t be the naïve woman she once was. And she will take care of herself and herself only. She won’t trust a word you say. She won’t care about your stupid excuses or apologies.

She won’t let herself get caught in your web of manipulation. She won’t let you fool her with your kind words. She won’t let you back into her life. Because she will be a changed person.

It will be hard for you to accept that, but the woman who once loved you will be gone. The only things left will be your guilt and the emptiness in your soul.

They will stay to haunt you forever.

You Broke Her, So Don\'t Be Surprised When You Realize That She\'s Not The Same Person Anymore