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You Can’t Afford To Miss MongoDB Course In 2021


When we have so much on our plate while designing applications and doing online work, the last thing we need is rigidity. So to set developers free from this rigidity, MongoDB offers them scalability and flexibility.

It is generally an open-source database of NoSQL management program where NoSQL is used as an alternative to a rigid and traditional relational database. This database is useful for working with massive sets of distributed data. 

So this becomes essential for those developers who want to create modern applications quickly and efficiently. And if you are seeking to make a career in the same field, then the MongoDB developer course is what you need. 

Course Overview 

With this course, you will learn the art of queries, schema design, CRUD, and data aggregation. You will also study the scalability using replication and sharding. 

Also, you will learn to write code, hands-on with cloud labs, and also be able to build real-world projects. If you are a newbie in the field, then you can attend this course and make a career in it. 

As this is built for internet and business applications that need fast and elegant scaling, so this is becoming famous in the peer group. And with that, because of its importance in the internet world is also among the highest paying job roles that are hard to resist. 

After this course, you can opt for DBA professionals, MongoDB developers, and specialists, MongoDB database administrators. In this course, you will get knowledge on your topics but also for your future job roles and responsibilities. 

In this course, you will learn how to translate business requirements into technical specs, implement Mongo management services and automate tasks. With that, you will also learn to implement appropriate indexes for improving the performances and how to implement optimal backup. 

Here you will learn to evaluate, perform and plan the DB upgrades with building elegant, scalable, and efficient solutions. You will also learn to build configurations meeting required criteria. 

After this course, you will also discover the strengths and weaknesses of your team and leverage immersive learning. You can also measure skills progress with the right data. 

Not only this, but you can also improve your teams into modern roles and customized training solutions. 

Course Content

In the course, you will learn 

  • About the client-server architecture and what is Mongo’s role in that and an N – tiered architecture
  • About the logical and physical components of the infrastructure of MongoDB
  • How to build complex BI reports and analytics reports using the framework of aggregation
  • How to work with many MongoDB drivers and platforms
  • How to integrate this with NodeJS, Java, and Python framework. 

By this course, you will master the working on query optimizations and export and import operations on MongoDB, skills of sorting, sharding, indexing, and partitioning data from a NoSQL perspective. 

You will also master working with heavy read operations, complex reads over a cluster, inbuilt functions and collections, and MongoDB documents. All the classes are consist of both theory classes and practical classes. 

You will also be given practical real-time assignments with timely feedback and reviews so that you can improve. Your mentors are leading in the field and have decades of experience working in the field. 

They will help you by solving your queries and enabling you to think creatively to create your projects. 


As this is a professional course, so you have to possess some of the important skills before starting the course. You should have a basic knowledge of Java or any other programming language, database concepts, and a text editor such as ‘Vi.’