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You Have 4 Types Of Soul Mates. Here’s How To Recognize Each One

4 types of soulmates

A soulmate is not the regular type of partner you’ll meet. They come into your life, open up some aspects of your being, make you confront them, and then they eventually leave. In general, these relationships come with a turbulent note and are likely to end turbulently.

This is because the soulmate is not here for your regular fun and play. They come to tear down the walls you have built around yourself and reveal your vulnerabilities, so you can face them and perfect yourself.

The soulmate relationship doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic one. It can vary anywhere from a family member and a friend to a mate for life. You will find a soulmate when you least expect it, and there are more people who can be your soulmates throughout your life.

When you feel that the person is your soulmate, he/she probably is. However, you shouldn’t get too clingy to that relationship, as the most common soulmate relationships are destined to end once you’ve learned the lesson from that bond.

There are 4 types of soulmates, and here’s how to recognize each:

1. Healing soulmates

This kind of soulmate comes into your life with the purpose to teach you some life lessons that are there to clear blockages from your past. They do so by mirroring you so that you can see your reflection in them and recognize your faults.

Healing soulmates arrive in divine accordance – exactly at the time when you are ready for the lesson they bring. The relationship can vary anywhere from friendship to an intimate one and will last until you’ve learned the valuable lesson it brings.

How to recognize one?

This type of relationship escalates fast. Your healing soulmate will show up in times when you’re dealing with damaging repetitive patterns and attempting to solve old issues.

How to nurture this relationship?

You should be aware that these relationships don’t usually last. Like with any other relationships, this one works only if you can respect each other’s personal space and exercise mutual understanding. The relationship may have a lot of ups and downs, but when taking the good with the bad, this soulmate relationship is very fruitful.

2. Past-life soulmates

These are people you’ve already known in some of your past lives and this kind of relationship feels comfortable and easy. It’s because of that constant feeling that you’ve known the person for your whole life even if you’ve just met.

There is an instant connection, and if you feel like you’ll be friends forever, you are probably right. The friendship with this kind of soulmate is not conditioned by distance and time and it’s likely to last a lifetime.

With your past-life soulmate, you’ll feel the freedom to tell them whatever comes to your mind, as you both feel accepted and comfortable with each other. What is curious about this kind of soulmate bond is that this friend will help you move forward in your life without any pain or suffering.

How to recognize one?

You past-life soulmate will appear in your life when you are truly yourself and don’t hide behind masks and walls. They will always have your best interests at heart and they’ll never back down on their purpose to help you accomplish your ambitions and dreams.

How to nurture this relationship?

Keep in touch with each other. Time and distance don’t play a role in this kind of friendship, and just telling them that you’re thinking about them is enough to keep up the bond. This kind of friendship lasts for a lifetime, no matter how long you’ve been apart from each other.

3. Karmic soulmates

Like the past-life soulmates, these people are also connected to you through your past lives. However, the connection with this kind of soulmate is deep and karmic and can be often painful.

It’s because this relationship involves a lot of ego struggles, with the purpose for you to endure the ego pain and overcome it. The only resolution to this kind of relationship is to learn to overcome the suffering and understand your ego.

How to recognize one?

The connection with a karmic soulmate is almost twin-like. When the emotions get intense, you will actually feel what they’re feeling. These soulmates are reincarnated with the purpose to relive some karma and with that to break some negative cycle.

How to nurture this relationship?

The purpose of this relationship is for you to overcome your ego. This means that you need to become more aware of what kind of energy you emit and of the positive aspects that relationship brings.

Focus on what is best for both and exercise unconditional love and understanding. Whenever your ego gets in the way, it will cause trouble, so make sure you are kind and loving with this type of soulmate.

4. Twin flames

Only one person in all existence can be your twin flame. This is what Plato has been referring to as ‘your other half’, as well as many other cultures. Twin flames are totally opposite of each other, and yet there is a strong magnetism between them.

Not everybody has the luck to meet their twin flame in every lifetime, and the relationship is very intense and turbulent. However, the relationship with a twin flame will always give you a sense of wholeness. The fact that you are so opposite from one another means that you are meant to learn everything about accepting both sides of reality and create a sense of unity.

How to recognize one?

Simply put, you will know it when you see it. Meeting this person in your life is what many would call love at first sight. It’s because you are meant to be together and evolve together for all lifetimes.

You’ll never want to be apart, even if you have quarrels and intense situations. Before long, you will start complementing each other’s personalities and grow to perfection.

How to nurture this relationship?

The most important thing you need to know about this relationship is that compromise and learning from one another is everything. You need to be honest and understanding, and most of all, you need to be open for change.

When you are together, you can overcome everything.