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You May Not Yet Be Aware, But Every Single One Of These Things Is A Sign of Emotional Abuse


Believe me, you won’t always know that you are in a relationship with a cunning, lying, wicked, narcissistic and a toxic person. They’ve been born that way. Some of them have even worked hard to become those people. They know exactly how to buy your attention with a lie and make it look like they are telling the truth.

They know exactly what they are doing.

You may date this person, hang out with them 24/7 and still not notice that they have some kind of hidden agenda. The thing is, most of the time they are charming, loving and very considerate. But underneath that mask, there is something truly wicked.

Their main goal is to gain total control over you and your emotions. By doing that they own you. As time passes by, they do everything to chip away at your confidence and sense of self until you start to blame yourself for everything. The more they push you down, the more convinced you are that you are the troubled one.

Well, news flash. You aren’t. Your judgment is clouded because the person next to you is giving their best efforts to confuse you and make you go crazy.

You may not be aware of what is happening, but know that if you are experiencing these 9 things on a daily basis, you are in a toxic, abusive relationship:

1. Punishment by giving the silent treatment. Don’t ignore these signs. If your partner is constantly withholding eye contact and any important conversation, know that he is punishing you. He is controlling you by withholding information, affection, understanding, and appreciation.

2. Blaming and accusing. Another sign that you are a victim of emotional abuse is the sudden shift of responsibility onto you for every issue that you two face in your relationship. No matter what they are telling you, you cannot and should not be blamed for every little thing that concerns both of you. Release yourself from that victim identity and start speaking.

3. Contradicting. No matter what you say, they constantly disapprove of your opinions and discards your suggestions. A toxic person could never see those small things the same way you see them. Everything is always perceived in a negative way. Whatever you say, they will find the contra arguments to wear you down and discourage you.

4.Bad, offensive humor. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that their jokes are harmless. Everything is a part of their master plan. Their bad, offensive and disparaging humor is verbal abuse disguised as jokes. If they tease you, humiliate you in front of others, make sarcastic comments about your insecurities, they are not being funny. They are being cruel and inconsiderate. Don’t ignore those red flags.

5. Blocking and twisting the words. When you notice that they are trying to block the conversation flow or rudely interrupt your thought by mentioning a completely different subject, know that you are dealing with a partner who doesn’t respect your opinion. This is one of the signs that you are experiencing emotional abuse.

6.Constant judging and criticizing. They criticize you and judge your actions, but they pass it off as advice. Don’t be mistaken. That’s not constructive criticism. They only do that to mess with your mind and make you doubt yourself.

7. Forgetting the important things. We’ve all been through this with our partners. I mean, forgetting something is not entirely a problem. We all forget. That’s because we are all human beings. But there is a difference between forgetting once and not bothering to give a damn about important things. Know the difference.

8. Not respecting anything you say, do or believe in. You have to be really broken inside to not notice this red flag. When a person undermines you, minimizes your efforts, discourages you by criticizing you, or trivializes your ideas, it is clear that they don’t care about you. In fact, it is crystal clear that you are with a person who is emotionally abusing you.

9. Crazy-making and driving you to the brink of insanity. This is usually a combination of denying the truth, twisting your words, frustrating you by making you the fool, dramatizing, and confusing you until you finally give up and admit being responsible for something that you did not do.

Wake up. You shouldn’t let someone take advantage of your vulnerability. If you are going through some of these things, know that you are experiencing emotional abuse.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

You May Not Yet Be Aware, But Every Single One Of These Things Is A Sign of Emotional Abuse