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You’ll Find The Love Of Your Life Only After The Mistake Of Your Life


“Maybe our mistakes are what make our fate.” Carrie Bradshaw

Maybe we need to be broken into billions of pieces first so as to become whole. Maybe we need to hit rock bottom before we finally succeed in life.

Perhaps we need to experience sheer sadness and despair before we learn what true happiness and inner fulfillment and peace really feel like.

Maybe we need to know how the bitter and sour taste of love feels like before we learn what true, pure, deep, unconditional love means.

Perhaps our heart needs to be broken into countless tiny pieces before we realize how we love and want to be loved.

Undoubtedly, the love that’s painful is the worst kind of love and breakup. It’s the kind of love you were willing to risk everything for only to find out it wasn’t meant for you. It’s the kind of love you thought it would last forever, but it didn’t.

The truth is – when it comes to love, we all make mistakes. It’s unavoidable.

The problem is that when we make a mistake, i.e. choose the wrong partner or get our heart broken, we tend to blame ourselves for it. We tend to wallow in despair and self-pity.

But, what if I tell you there’s no such thing as a mistake? What if I tell you that every mistake you make, no matter how big or small, or how serious or simple, is something you need to achieve your own personal transformation?

Because it’s not through an easy life or moments when we’re happy, free of worries, and enjoying life that we gain wisdom and become stronger and more resilient, but through difficult, painful times. Times when we’re going through breakup and pain and facing problems.

It is when we’re left with our pain, worries, and regrets that we are able to achieve a real transformation of ourselves.

That’s why every failed relationship and every heartbreak you’ve been through was not a mistake. Instead, it was something you needed so as to learn more about your true self – who you are, how you love, what type of man or woman is most suitable for you. You needed it to be able to reach the deepest parts of your soul and connect with yourself.

Therefore, there’s no point in wishing our past relationships had ended differently from the way they did, especially those whose endings were too painful.

No matter how much we wish some love had never ended or ended in a different way, we can’t change the truth: the only reason that love occurred in our life was to break our heart.

We needed to get our heart broken and go through pain so as to prepare ourselves for the love of our life.

The biggest mistake we make in our love lives is staying in a one-sided or toxic relationship – a relationship that we should’ve left the moment it began. If not that, we should have walked out of it long before we did and everything went downhill.

However, we didn’t leave that relationship, and it was not because that love was meant to last forever, but because if it hadn’t been for it, we might have never understood what true love really is.

I guess many of you are wondering why that love had to end catastrophically and break your heart?

That love ended the way it did so as to shake you down to your core and challenge your beliefs about love. It ended that way so as to make you think about what went wrong, help you understand what true love really means, and enable you to transform yourself.

That love hurt you so as to propel you towards the right person for you and the love of your life.

And trust me, when you meet the true love of your life, you will have no questions and doubts about it. When you find the love of your life, you will know why all your relationships failed.

You’ll Find The Love Of Your Life Only After The Mistake Of Your Life