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Your Zodiac Sign Reveals How Long You Would Survive In A Horror Movie


Everyone is different in their own way. Some are brave and prone to take risks no matter the situation while others like to stay away from trouble and enjoy their peace. Your zodiac sign can reveal a lot about your personality. It can also tell you how you would end up in a horror movie.

Your zodiac sign can reveal a lot about your personality. It can also tell you how you would end up if you were in a horror movie.

Horror movies, just like all other genres, always include archetypes of our own personalities. Indeed, you can find a naïve person, a genius, a funny guy, a douchebag, and a hero in every movie.

That is why we always tend to identify ourselves with one particular character, even if it is not the main character. In case you have not thought about horror movies in this way so far, now it is time to start. What character would you be in a horror movie according to your zodiac sign?

Aries – The hero who survives

You will survive thanks to your skills. You will go through many nightmares until the end, but you will be the hero who survives in the end and gets to tell the whole story.

Taurus – The selfish one

The audience will secretly wish for you to die because of your selfishness. Instead of helping others, you will sacrifice anyone just to survive. However, you will not survive until the end, and you will be just one of the many victims.

Gemini – The disappointment

The audience thinks you will save the others and be the hero, but you ruin that for them. You cannot resist not to show how clever you think you are and that is your doom. Your impulsive reacting to everything gets you killed.

Cancer – The First Victim

You know how in every horror movie there is an opening kill? It usually comes as a surprise to the audience, and it is a preview of what happens after. Well, Cancer would be this opening kill. But, don’t worry – although you are getting killed and miss all the action about to come, at least everyone will remember you as the first victim.

Leo – The arrogant victim

You will be stubborn and refuse to follow other steps because you think you know best, and you are the smartest. One day, you prove that you are not the smartest because you fall into the trap of the killer after insisting on leading the group in a wrong way.

Virgo – The other hero

You will be a minor character who will also survive, but nobody will notice until the sequel. You will survive because you will manage to be one step ahead of everyone in hiding and the killer will not find you.

Libra – Killed very early

Libra gets killed second in the movie. This is the moment everyone realizes that the killer is probably a serial killer, but they still can’t understand his/her pattern. This kill is very unnoticeable because it is not the first one.

Scorpio – The killer

It will not be a big surprise to find out that you were the killer all along. You can act psychopathically enough to be the killer, don’t you think? Of course, this is not revealed until the end.

Sagittarius – The character that everyone likes

The audience does not want you to die, the other characters love you, but your destiny will be tragic. Your primary task will be to have the back of the main hero. Other than that, you will not contribute in any way.

Capricorn – The Least Favorite character

You die off-screen, and nobody cares for your death. You are the least favorite character because you are always grumpy and there is not enough time for the audience to analyze your character in details.

Aquarius – The victim who sacrifices their life

You are remembered as the noblest character because you will save many lives, but sacrifice your own. Before you die, you will try to be the hero of the movie and corner the killer, but you will not be strong enough to survive.

Pisces – The doubting Thomas

You wanted to run at the beginning, but something made you stay. Not following your instincts was your biggest mistake. That is why you are killed at the start and don’t get to see the end.