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Zodiac Best Couples That Are The Most Powerful, Passionate, And Successful Together

most passionate, successful zodiac couples

Zodiac signs are controlled by 4 elements – fire, air, water, and earth. These elements determine how compatible they are with one another.

However, there are other factors as well. Plus, it can happen that two signs which have the same element may not be compatible as romantic partners at all.

Below is a list of zodiac best couples that are the most passionate, powerful, and successful when they are together:


Aries has leadership qualities that have a profound impact on their professional as well as personal lives. So, zodiac signs that have a controlling nature will be ruled out. The number one thing that Aries looks for in a partner is honesty. Moreover, Aries is very passionate when it comes to satisfying their sexual activities.   

And, while both Leo and Scorpio can be good partners for Aries, the best choice is a Libra. Aries is attracted to the Libra’s easy-going and honest nature. Plus, the Libra is an emotionally dependent sign that compliments the Aries’s controlling nature while exploring passionately their relationship.


Taurus is a traditional and family sign. This sign loves the intensity of “making love” more than the mere act. Taurus is a romantic sign that is compatible with Virgo that is also a family sign just like them. The Virgo’s sensual nature is a great match for the romance-lover Taurus and they can become a powerful couple.

On the other hand, Taurus should definitely try to stay away from a Sagittarius because this adventurous sign will never make happy the traditional and grounded Taurus.


The fun-loving, cheerful Gemini is a great person and friend that everyone wants to have in their life. However, when it comes to relationships, Gemini is the most difficult sign for a romantic partner. This is because Gemini is scared of commitment and fears losing its freedom. Moreover, they want a partner who is witty, intellectual, and with a great sense of humor.

The perfect match for a Gemini is a Sagittarius who is just as scared of being tied down and losing its freedom. Plus, Sagittarius’s humorous nature really impresses the Gemini. Contrary, the worst partner for a Gemini is the down-to-earth Capricorn that can bore them quickly.


Being an empath, the Cancer is always seeking a serious, long-term relationship in which they can connect emotionally on a deep level with their partner. The perfect match for emotional and sensitive Cancer is the serious and romantic Taurus.

Zodiac signs that are adventurous, outspoken, and at times arrogant, like a Leo, can easily hurt the fragile Cancer and can’t make them happy.


Leo’s immense pride and ego along with their unapologetic nature makes it very difficult and almost impossible for most signs to be in a long-term relationship with them. The Aries’s passion matches that of a Leo which makes them perfect together. They are both elegant and grandeur when expressing their love for one another what is almost movie-like.

However, both their love and their fights are fierce. If they learn how to overcome their fights there will be nothing that can stop their power. On the other hand, the worst match for a Leo is Scorpio. They are both intense, but their intensities don’t match.


Virgo is one of the most organized and orderly signs of all the Zodiac. Virgo is a sign who is a perfectionist and even though they are reserved, they are attentive toward their partner. A Virgo’s most emotional and intense relationship would be with a Scorpio’s extremely passionate nature.

Scorpio’s openness about exploring their sexuality will inspire the Virgo to come out of the shell and become more open and free. On the other hand, the adventurous and outgoing Sagittarius is the worst match for a Virgo.


The Libra is a diplomat and a problem-solver. Even though they don’t want to feel lonely, they would rather be alone than around someone who lacks intellect. The Libra is curious about people and enjoys learning new things.

The perfect match for them is a Gemini because both signs are good with words and they both love having intellectual conversations. The stable and grounded Libra will help the Gemini to stay firmly on the ground. Contrary, the Virgo’s unimaginative nature turns the Libra off.


The callous and tough-looking Scorpio is very emotional but revengeful. They are extremely passionate about anything they do. As partners, they are dominant and aggressive. The perfect match for the intensity of the Scorpio is the dreamer and the romantic Pisces.

When these two signs bond their love screams everywhere. They form the most intuitive couple and their souls speak with each other on another level. The Aries’s superficiality, on the other hand, doesn’t match with the emotionality and the intensity of either the Scorpio or the Pisces.


The one thing that this born traveler hates the most is boredom and staying in one place. Freedom is essential to Sagittarius. Their adventurous nature makes them want to explore and experience new things every day. They can never be tied down, and their nature can only understand someone who is just like them – the Aquarius. Aquarius wants to be free just as much.

When these two signs are in a relationship, they would never experience a single moment of boredom. On the other hand, the Sagittarius can never understand the Taurus’s grounded and homely nature.


Capricorn is an extremely dedicated and ambitious sign. They decided what they want in life and work hard to achieve that. They give their best in everything they do and this quality applies to relationships as well. The orderly and disciplined Virgo is the best partner for the Capricorn because they can help the Capricorn to achieve their goals while keeping order in their life.

Both partners will make a highly focused and extremely disciplined family. On the other hand, the worst partner for a Capricorn is definitely the carefree Gemini.


Aquarius is always seeking justice. They can go to great lengths to fight the inequality in the world. Aquarius’s desire for equality and justice matches that of the Libra’s and they can both help each other in their protests and fights against injustice.

They are both respectful, so they will treat their relationship with utmost respect too. On the other hand, it is impossible for an Aquarius to be in a relationship with a Cancer because a Cancer can never understand the Capricorn’s need for justice.


Pisces and Capricorn are the perfect examples that opposites do attract each other. The creative and dreamy nature of the Pisces will inspire the earthly Capricorn to start believing and achieve their dreams.

And while Pisces will entice the Capricorn with their imagination and creativity, the Capricorn will make sure to keep their Pisces firmly on the ground any time they get deep into their imaginative nature. Pisces should really stay away from the Virgo whose uninspiring nature will only bring them down.