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12 Zodiac Matches That Make The Absolute WORST Couples


Love hurts. Well not always of course, but most of the times love can be very painful. Many of us have at least once in their love life experienced a painful relationship. No matter how hard you have tried, it simply didn’t work and you parted ways. Am I right?

Have you ever wondered if there was a greater power than you that had influence on your love relationship?  Well, you may be right.

For those of you who are into astrology or simply want to check you compatibility with your love partner, here is a guide that can tell you if your love is doomed or not.

  1. Taurus and Aries

One of the worst astrological combinations is the match of Aries and Taurus. Both signs are stubborn and Aries is extremely strong willed.

Once these two are determined to do something, neither will let go of their intention. Furthermore, if the relationship needs to come to an end, Taurus is going to demand an explanation after an explanation whereas the Aries will want to ghost their way out of the toxic relationship

  1. Sagittarius and Taurus

Sagittarius is simply too much energetic and likes fun ant his annoys Taurus a lot. It’s more than Taurus can handle, since Sagittarius don’t take things seriously in a relationship and this bothers the Taurus.

  1. Aquarius and Cancer

The free spirit of Aquarius can really be annoying to the Cancer. While Cancer needs deep love and emotions, Aquarius often lives in the sky and leave things rather open and wants to have a back door.

Capricorn and GeminiA real recipe for disaster is combination of a spontaneous and fun sign with one that is workaholic and plans everything in details. The spontaneous nature of Gemini irritates the Capricorn that can’t just simply let things happen by chance.

The control that Capricorn wishes to have will frustrate Gemini very quickly so they will eventually part ways.

  1. Scorpio and Leo

While Leo wants to be praised and complimented, Scorpio is the one that will praise you the least. Scorpio can be very direct and honest as well as jealous and that’s not going to work for Leo.

  1. Sagittarius and Virgo

Neither of the two is into commitment. However, Virgo can be more sentimental and according to Virgo, Sagittarius can be little more carefree and not consider about other people’s feelings.

  1. Aries and Scorpio

Their relationship seems like a drama from Shakespeare. Both of them want to have full control and dominate which results in intense and explosive relationship.

  1. Taurus and Aquarius

These two signs can’t find a common language to communicate in a love relationship. Taurus is more material and conservative while Aquarius is more bohemian and unorthodox

  1. Virgo and Pisces

Virgos are very practical while Pisces are the most dreamy and sensitive sign of the zodiac. In some cases opposites can attract (like in physics) but not in this case. However, even though you don’t succeed as a love couple, you may have a lasting friendship.

  1. Libra and Virgo

Libras are doubtful by nature and Virgo knows to be a lot critical towards Libra which makes them even more doubtful. Virgo needs to be right all the time and this can ruin the relationship between the two signs.

  1. Capricorn and Sagittarius

If you want to share a life passion with some Sagittarius, let the Sagittarius know, that your spirit is free.  Unfortunately, Capricorn knows that the base of success is self-discipline, respect authority and appreciate tradition so Sagittarius won’t be able to have all the fun it wants.

  1. Cancer and GeminiGemini likes to have more fun at parties while Cancer wishes to stay at home. However, they are not so bad match if both have sense of humor. That will work for both of them to stay in the relationship.