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Zodiac Signs Ranked From BEST To WORST Of Who Will Make The Best Partner This Year

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Zodiac Signs Ranked From BEST To WORST Of Who Will Make The Best Partner This Year

1. Libra

Libras are the most loyal of all Zodiac signs. They are emotionally very open, which makes them more vulnerable to getting hurt. However, they should understand that the problem is not in them but in the other person’s inability to love them the way they need to be loved.

They have a sensitive nature, and even though they have difficulty trusting someone, you can be sure that they will always love you unconditionally and never abandon you. They show their love in their every move – they would literally worship you. You just have to value them.

2. Scorpio

Scorpios are the most guarded of all signs, which is why they have a bad reputation. However, a guarded heart is a heart that can love the hardest. When you win a Scorpio’s heart, you can be sure that you will have a piece of them forever.

A Scorpio is the most honest partner. They will tell you the truth even if it’s painful to hear. And also, they are the most respectful partners. Once you prove your worth to them, there’s nothing that a Scorpio wouldn’t do to make you happy and keep you forever.

3. Pisces

The greatest relationship problem of Pisces is that they tend to choose the wrong people. They give way too many chances to people because they only see the best in them. They don’t do this because they have no self-respect but because they believe that there shouldn’t be any obstacles when it comes to true love.

When a Pisces is in love, it’s the kind of love that writers write novels about. They are hopeless romantics and true believers in love. They may get hurt along the way, but that won’t stop them from loving with their whole heart.  

4. Cancer

Cancer is very much like Pisces. A Cancer also has a heart of gold and has everyone’s best intentions at heart. They don’t want to offend anyone, so they are careful with the feelings of others. Their partner becomes their priority.

On the other hand, their soft heart often gets hurt when people tend to take them for granted. But when they choose a person that values and loves them with the same intensity – it’s a real love that probably would last forever. However, they know that this kind of love is difficult to find and are willing to wait.

5. Taurus

This sign is a tough one. But they are wonderful partners despite their toughness. They want to be the dominant side in the relationship. Also, they say what they mean and often practice tough love.

Their actions always speak louder than their words, and you can be sure that they will always fight for you and your relationship.

6. Sagittarius

This sign is also tough when it comes to committing to someone because they are very independent and they value their freedom. They like to handle things on their own because they don’t want to appear vulnerable.

Sagittarius people are very guarded, and sometimes they may look like they don’t need love and that they only love themselves, but once you get through their tough exterior – you’ll realize that they can love really hard when they find someone worthy of their love.  

7. Aquarius

This sign is the most independent one. They want their freedom, and they would never be in a relationship that suffocates them. Also, they are brutally honest, so you can always know where you stand with them.

Aquarius people don’t want to be in a relationship just to have someone by their side. They want a team player. Someone who completely understands and supports them. When they choose their romantic partner, it’s always someone of quality.

8. Gemini

When Geminis decide they want a relationship, they can be the most loving and caring partners. However, their relationships depend on the place they are in their life.

If they are at a place where they have to focus on their career, they will become selfish to your needs because they would focus only on their own. They are sweet talkers and can charm you very easily, but it’s better to be careful because they can also be heartbreakers.

9. Leo

If you want to keep your relationship with a Leo, you should always let them be the center of attention. They speak more than they listen, so they need a calm and quiet partner by their side.

Leos can be overly sensitive, but they won’t always reveal their feelings. It’s also common for them to express their emotions in the wrong way and cause a fight. They would never admit they are wrong because they are very stubborn. On the positive side, this sign is very strong and will help you when you need them the most.

10. Capricorn

Capricorns can appear shy at first, but that’s because they want to test others’ intentions before they start opening up. Also, they try to protect themselves from any possible damage, which can sometimes be too much for the other person.

Their failed relationships have made them doubtful of everyone. As a result, they have high standards for their potential partners and often fail to understand that even the best people can fall short because no one is perfect.

11. Aries

This sign has a hot head, acid tongue, and a short temper. This makes them one of the hardest people to fall in love with. They can say offensive things without thinking and unintentionally hurt their partner.

Because of their blunt nature, Aries people come across as arrogant and selfish. A romantic relationship is not their priority in life, and they would never understand how someone could be a hopeless romantic.

12. Virgo

Virgo is a sign which strives for perfection. They just can’t seem to find anyone perfect enough that would satisfy their impeccable taste. When they are in a relationship, they often leave their partners feeling as if they haven’t done anything for them to keep the spark in the relationship.

Virgo people are goal-oriented and hard workers. They are also very loyal partners, but you should be aware that their careers will always come first.

Now that we’ve seen how zodiac signs are ranked from best to worst of who will make the best partner this year, let’s see how they rank in other categories.

1. Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most Powerful To Least Powerful

Have you ever met someone and immediately felt influenced or intimated by them? Well, chances are that that person was born under one of the astrological signs included in the list of most powerful zodiac signs given below. 

The signs included in the list below are ranked from the most powerful to the least powerful depending on how influential they are and what type of personality they have.  

1. Leo

Leo is the most powerful zodiac sign because they have a strong personality, emotional maturity, and natural charisma, which makes them look superior and dominant no matter who they’re around.

2. Taurus

These people know what they want in life and how to get it. They set high goals for themselves and go out of their way to achieve them.

3. Aries

People born under the sign of Aries are known for having a strong personality and high self-esteem, which is why they easily attract other people’s attention.

4. Scorpio

Although Scorpios are known for being emotional, they’re also known for being resourceful, creative, brave, and outstanding problem solvers.

5. Sagittarius

People born under the sign of Sagittarius are known for being more playful and laid-back than other signs. However, they’re also very driven, ambitious, and goal-oriented. They also have great emotional intelligence and know-how to control their emotions. These are all qualities that people in power possess.

6. Capricorn

People born under this astrological sign are known for being emotionally mature and goal-oriented. They’re willing to set goals for themselves that many others find impossible to attain. However, thanks to their maturity, resourcefulness, and determination, they always find a way to reach their goals.

7. Virgo

Virgos are in the middle of this list because they are highly ambitious and fiercely determined to accomplish their goals. However, they can sometimes be quite emotional and have trouble controlling their emotions, which many consider their greatest weakness.

8. Libra

Libras are not one of the most powerful signs since they don’t want to be powerful themselves. Instead, they’d prefer we lived in a balanced world where we’d treat each other as equals, and there wouldn’t be such a thing as the most powerful and least powerful people.

Libras are also content with their lives and pretty determined in the pursuit of their goals.

9. Aquarius

An Aquarius can be happy, joyful, and driven one day and feel lazy and depressed the next. They change their mood very quickly. 

Although people born under this astrological sign are known for being very creative, they’re known for lacking ambition too.

10. Gemini 

Geminis are one of the least powerful zodiac signs because they’re very moody. They’re constantly on an emotional rollercoaster. Additionally, Geminis don’t like taking responsibility for their actions and tend to behave immaturely and somewhat childishly.

11. Cancer

Cancer is one of the least powerful signs because they are very emotional. They deeply care for their loved ones and are fully invested in their romantic and otherwise relationships. 

12. Pisces

People born under the astrological sign of Pisces are known to have a hard time controlling their emotions and a tendency to live in cloud-cuckoo-land. People in power certainly don’t have such characteristics.

2. Zodiac Signs Ranked From Coolest To Least Cool

1. Libra

In addition to having charisma and great charm, Libras are non-confrontational, easy-going, kind, and curious. They try to find balance in everything in life. They also have a great sense of humor.

2. Pisces

Pisces people are known for having the softest hearts of all zodiac signs. They’re kind, patient, sensitive, intuitive, and non-judgemental. Thanks to all of these qualities, other people love being around them.

3. Leo

If you have a friend born under the sign of Leo, you’re lucky, as this means you have someone in your life who will always have your back.

In addition to being loyal friends, kind-hearted, and caring, Leos are known for being smart, funny, enthusiastic, charismatic, and creative.

4. Taurus

Although Taurus is known as the most stubborn sign, Taurus people are also known for being sociable, determined, optimistic, and hard-working.

5. Aquarius

Aquarius people may appear reserved, aloof, and mean on the outside, but deep inside, they’re one of the nicest, friendliest, most kind-hearted, most supportive, and most original individuals.

6. Sagittarius

This sign radiates positive vibes, even in the hardest of times. They’re also broad-minded and self-driven, and they’re not afraid to leave their comfort zone and venture into the unknown.

7. Gemini

In addition to being open-minded, helpful, and accepting, Geminis are known for being great listeners. They’re also talkative and have a great sense of humor. So, whenever you’re around a Gemini, be prepared to have a lot of fun.

8. Cancer

Cancers are known for being moody. Once a Cancer falls into a bad mood, they can become pessimistic, ignoring the good in their lives and other people and focusing only on the bad aspects.

9. Scorpio

Scorpios are known for being critical, confrontational, and jealous. They can get overbearing at times, and they’re also known for having a hard time forgiving others.

10. Virgo

Virgos are usually uptight because they take life too seriously. They can get quite mean and condescending at times too.

11. Aries

Aries people are known for often throwing temper tantrums. They act impulsively and have a hard time controlling their emotions and reactions.

12. Capricorn

Capricorns are known for being opinionated and pessimistic and having a superiority complex. That’s why they’re the least cool individuals.


3. Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most Loved To Least Loved

1. Leo

It’s no wonder that Leo is first on this list as Leos are warm, generous, and friendly individuals, which makes them very easy to love.

2. Sagittarius

Sagittarius people are incredibly friendly and fun. They have a great sense of humor and are constantly searching for new adventures, which is what other people love the most about them.

3. Aries

Aries people are one of the most loved individuals thanks to their honesty and boldness. They’re known for being highly independent, brave, and direct, and they have no trouble making friends.

4. Pisces

In addition to being compassionate and sensitive, people born under the sign of Pisces are known for being highly empathic, caring, and intuitive. When you spend time with Pisces, you are sure to feel appreciated, loved, and heard. So, it’s no wonder Pisces has secured fourth place on this list.

5. Gemini

Geminis radiate positivity, are free-spirited and enjoy making lots of friends. They’re fun, charismatic, and sociable, which is why they’re always surrounded by people.

6. Libra

Libras are the most skilled at keeping conversations fun, stimulating, and relaxed. They like hanging out with others and know how to make everyone like them.

7. Aquarius

It’s no wonder people love being around Aquarius people because they are incredibly social, open, easy-going, and positive. They also have a strong sense of identity.

8. Taurus

Taurus people may be warm and grounded, but they don’t really enjoy making new friends. They’re comfortable having only a handful of friends who can make them feel respected and loved.

9. Capricorn

If you say or do something that can hurt a Capricorn emotionally, that’s it – they’ll cut you out of their life because these people are notoriously unforgiving. 

10. Cancer

Cancers are known for being caring and protective, but they’re also known for being moody and overly sensitive, which is why they can sometimes be difficult to handle. They can get vindictive at times, too.

11. Virgo

Virgos are one of the least-loved individuals since they can be overly critical and judgemental at times. They’re also known for being highly insecure in their relationships. A Virgo can be highly suspicious of you even if you have their best interests at heart.

12. Scorpio

Scorpios will not like this, but it’s an opinion that many people share – they’re the least loved zodiac sign. Scorpios are known for being secretive and having trust issues. They can also get jealous easily. Many people describe them as insensitive too.

Which Zodiac Sign Is The Most Successful?

Whether your interpretation of being successful in life is having a great career, being married and having kids, or standing high in the social hierarchy, the astrological sign you were born under can help you determine if you have what it takes to accomplish your goals and get closer to your version of success. 

Now, if your zodiac sign is Aries, congratulations! You were destined to live a successful life. 

Aries people are known for their fiery attitude, ambitious nature, and determination to pursue their goals no matter what. They’re also known for being courageous and competitive and having a strong mindset.


Is There Such A Thing As The Strongest Zodiac Sign?

The answer to this question depends on what it’s meant by the term “strongest.” If by “strongest,” you mean “the most powerful,” then the answer is Leo. 

Leos have a strong, extroverted personality, highly intuitive nature, and magnetizing charm. They’re influential and know how to give others commands. They are born to be leaders.

Now, if by “strongest,” you mean the “strongest personality,” then the answer is Scorpio.

Scorpios are known for being highly independent, observant, driven, and ambitious. They know what they want in life and how to get it. They’re also willing to overcome any obstacle to achieve their goals.

Which Is The Perfect Zodiac Sign?

Every zodiac sign is unique in its own way. But if a perfect sign had to be singled out, that would undeniably be Libra.

Here are several reasons why this is so:

  • Libras have brilliant intellect and like being surrounded by intellectual people. Small talk doesn’t interest them. They love engaging in intelligent and stimulating conversations which can further broaden their knowledge of the world and add fuel to their creativity.
  • Libras are one of the most compassionate and kind-hearted people. They’re fiercely loyal to those they love the most and are always willing to help anyone in need.
  • Libras are also known for being sensible, resourceful, and diplomatic and having excellent decision-making skills.
  • Libras are highly optimistic. They always try to look on the bright side of life, no matter how hard things may get.