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10 Amazing Post-Pandemic Summer Holidays Within The US


COVID-19 is like Mr. Grinch, who stole the holiday from people, or dementors from Harry Potter, who stole all the joy. Call COVID however you want, but the truth is we’re having less fun during the pandemic. Waiting for summer vacations and hoping tourist businesses will open is the only thing to do now. While you’re nostalgic for warm sunny days, check 10 breathtaking holidays to pre-plan for the next summer.

Holiday #1: Grand Canyon, Arizona

If you watched ‘Thelma and Louise’ by Ridley Scott (spoiler alert!) you know this is the cliff the characters jumped off in the end. The iconic movie associated the Grand Canyon with the majesty of nature and freedom. Yet no wonder the Canyon is the most popular spot for summer vacation among hikers. In summer, questions like ‘Who will help with math homework helpers or write my college essay?’ don’t pop up in your head. Yet you can focus on planning your next trip.


Why go to the Grand Canyon?

  • The location is perfect for professional hikers. You can raft on the Colorado River or take the dangerous Bright Angel Trail. Another great place for an adventure is Royal Gorge rafting in Colorado.
  • If you love calm, take the Grand Canyon Railway, Arizona, and travel around 60 miles to the South Rim. There, you can enjoy the view of the Grand Canyon Village, especially beautiful at sunset.

Holiday #2: Eastern Shore, Virginia

One of the ideal spots for peaceful family vacations. Certainly, it doesn’t prevent one from traveling alone or with a pack of friends. The Eastern Shore is a peninsula with beautiful barrier islands and calm water. Take a day walk along the beautiful shore and enjoy the splendor of marine life. In the evening, taste homemade wine with a plate of oysters at the nearest wineyard. Or go for an evening picnic with a warm blanket and a bottle of the beverage you like.

The area is not crowded with locals or tourists, which makes it a perfect holiday destination during the COVID-19 summer.

Then, you can also pick Paducah KY, if you’re residing somewhere in the east coast of the US, as this small town is definitely the best place to visit in Kentucky due to its Quilt Making cottage industry that is hugely popular among all home decor lovers. It is also called the ‘Quilt City’.

Holiday #3: Telluride, Colorado

Many years ago, Telluride was a small mining town, significantly important during Victorian times. Nowadays, the place is known for stunning mountain views, ski resorts, and summer hiking. In fact, the village is close to the Uncompahgre National Forest, with hiking trails for both beginners and professionals.

Why choose Telluride if there is the Grand Canyon?

  • It has a majestic view of waterfalls and mountain lakes;
  • The downtown has tons of art shops, fine-dining spots, and historical buildings to explore;
  • The crowds are tiny.

Holiday #4: Moab, Utah

Another majestic piece of nature that makes you ponder on global warming. Probably, the place will inspire you to go zero-plastic once you get back home.

You can enjoy the leisurely part by taking the Rocky Mountaineer Train from Denver to Moab and explore the historical town. Or you can get active and take a tour on the Colorado River.

The territory borders Canyonlands National Parks. This means you can enjoy divinely beautiful lakes and forests free or at a very low cost.

Holiday #5: Chincoteague, Virginia

Another beautiful spot in Virginia, Chincoteague has various activities to offer its visitors. The place is especially famous for wild horses living there. They travel in packs and are often not afraid of travelers.

Check Wallops Island which is NASA’s place for launching rockets. If you’re attentive enough, you may even register the freshly launched rocket flying into space!

The beaches are clean and left in their wild beauty. They are also a place to watch the Annual Pony Swim in late July and enjoy the marine cuisine all summer.

Holiday #6: Mackinac Island, Michigan

The place is as simple as the eighteenth century. Literally. After you get to the island by ferry, the only transport you’ll find are bicycles and horse carriages. The island is perfect for a romantic trip – you can ride a horse and be someone’s prince charming. Or a lady of one’s dreams reading a book on the bench in Mackinac Island State Park.


There is also the Grand Hotel – one of the most famous resorts which anyone can visit for a quick cup of coffee or a leisurely meal.

Holiday #7: Walt Disney World, Florida

Do you miss your childhood so much that you’d like to go back to it? Now you can. Who said that Walt Disney is only for actual children? Let your inner child out by dining with your favorite Disney characters! Or take a Disney ride.

Other things to do in Walt Disney World are:

  • Take a quick Disney snack to taste (pun intended) the magic of the Disney world;
  • Watch a Disney daytime show;
  • Enjoy the nighttime Disney fireworks;
  • Play Disney games.

Holiday #8: Cape Cod, Massachusetts

An area full of cottages and whimsical buildings will take you back to the nineteenth century. Or remind you of Hitchcock’s ‘Birds’ and give you that ominous feeling.

Once you visit Cape Cod, take a long bicycle ride along the lines of cottages and beaches. You can sunbathe or swim in the ocean. In the evening, check the masterpieces of local glassblowers in the galleries.

You might want to visit the spot early in June when the prices for accommodation are not skyrocketing as well as the crowd sizes.

Holiday #9: Portland, Maine

With cottage-style simplicity and splendid views, Portland attracts lovers of a peaceful vacation. If you reenergize while reflecting on nature, go to Portland. Sit on the coastline rocks and enjoy the sound of sea waves. Once you get relaxed, take a walk along the shore and taste the delicious seafood in local restaurants.

Also, check the lighthouses to get in touch with the city’s history.

Holiday #10: Route 66

The iconic historical road stretches from Illinois to California. If you’re a fidget traveler, take the route and stop at different places. The road has diners with neon lights and other amazing spots, which make the older generations nostalgic.

The cherry on top – you’ll travel in a car, which minimizes the possibility of you catching the deadly virus.

Final Thoughts

Summertime is a great period for enjoying new views and learning more things about the world. Whether you prefer a laid-back vacation or trips with activities, there are always spots to choose from in the US. Just make sure you wear the mask and sanitize your hands everywhere you go.

We hope the article was useful to you. Stay healthy and have a great vacation!