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10 Purse Essentials Every Woman Should Own


A woman’s bag is always considered a thing of mystery by men around us. Women are generally seen carrying their handbags wherever they go. It is an essential part of their wardrobe too that carry their bare necessities. There are several purses wholesale and retail markets where you can get a purse of your choice and at your price.

Every woman’s preference differs but there are certain things that each one of us needs regardless of our age, place or profession. Our bags carry every essential that we may need at any point in time. They prove to be a perfect saviour for our friends and us as well.

Some things that we generally carry may seem weird to most men, but we know how important they are to us. In any case, we are beyond the understanding of men. However, there are a few essentials that every woman should carry:

  1. Safety Pins: They are tiny lifesavers in the most embarrassing situations when a button pops out, or your seam tends to open at an awkward place. You can’t be carrying around your sewing machine everywhere.
  2. Band-Aids: It’s a must-have, and you can need them almost anywhere. You may get hurt or get cut by some sharp edge, or it can be your new shoes that are giving your heels a hard time. You may hide a chipped nail or a poorly polished one.
  3. Blotting Papers: These little absorbent sheets can wipe away your excess oil or sweat and leave your face clean and fresh.
  4. Portable Cell phone Charger: Now, this is essential as most of the time our phone runs short of battery if we use them extensively or don’t get enough time to charge it to the full at home. Owing to their dependency, we can’t let them die out. (1)
  5. Stain-eraser Pen: Instant stain erasers can save your expensive dress from getting ruined if you happen to drop coffee or sauce. You can be of great help to your boss or your friend who will be grateful to you for this gesture.
  6. Hand Sanitizer: While travelling, you may not get the opportunity of washing your hands properly so this is a must-have. Even with kids, it’s quite essential to keep them safe from germs.
  7. Breath Freshener: Bad breath can have a negative impact on others. Always have some mint balls at your disposal.
  8. Tissues: You would never know when a sneeze can hit you suddenly and you desperately lookout for them.
  9. Healthy Snack: There are times when we are so busy that we don’t get time to eat our lunch. Snack bars can be munched upon even during short breaks or while on our way.
  10. Zippered Pouches: You may not like it if your teeny weeny and personal stuff happen to scatter on the floor in front of others when your open handbag falls. They are quite useful in keeping your stuff safe and preventing any embarrassment.