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10 Quick And Easy Morning Routines Which Will Greatly Improve Your Day


Do you often feel like things are getting out of your control? Do you have way too many days in which nothing seems to go according to your plan? Maybe, you have even noticed that you started reacting on the things happening around you instead of acting on them.

Whatever your problem might be, there is one simple solution to never having to say again “Today is not my day”. And it all starts with changing your morning rituals.

One might ask: Why do mornings play such a crucial role throughout the course of the day?

And the answer is simply because our brain tends to take our first experiences that we’ve had in the morning, confirm them, and then repeat them during the day. This is called confirmation bias. Have you spilled your coffee on your new jeans? Your brain will try to spoil the rest of your day too.

On the positive side, if you start your day in a positive manner – it will end on a positive note also. This is why starting your day in the right way is essential. Below is a list of 10 things you can do to help you become more positive, relaxed, and stress-free during the day. 

1.     Don’t forget to drink water

Bearing in mind that we lose fluids while sleeping, it becomes so much more important to start our day with a glass of water. It is only when our body is dehydrated that our brain makes us feel sleepy, dizzy, and confused.

By drinking a simple glass of water in the morning, you’ll start your digestive system and help it clean itself before your first meal and you’ll keep your mind active and sharp during the whole day.   

2.     Make your bed

Try to start every day with an easy task – like making your bed. This seemingly simple task will give you a sense of accomplishment that will stay with you during the whole day.

The best-selling author, William McRaven, in an interview with the Business Insider, said that ‘making your bed’ does not stand for you throwing covers over the pillows. Instead, you need to do it right before you can proudly walk out of your bedroom and say “This looks good.”

3.     Drink coffee

All fellow caffeine addicts already know that coffee is a must for normal functioning. Also, caffeine makes you more alert in your interactions during the day.

But, what is interesting is that its effects last and even extend as the day passes. It takes approximately 6 hours for the half of the caffeine you consumed to wear-off. Only be careful to not drink more than 400 milligrams caffeine per day.

4.     Take a short walk

According to the National Sleep Foundation, going for a quick walk in the morning can give you the necessary energy boost that you need during the day. Moreover, exposing to natural light raises awareness and memory which is one of the most important things in having a productive day.

One study from Harvard Medical School also proved that walking is good for your health. The study included approximately 72,000 women who lowered the risk of heart attack by 35% only by walking 3 hours a week.

Plus, it’s free and fun!

5.     Write down three positive things

Practice this simple exercise called the “Three Good Things” every day. Write down three good things that have happened to you throughout the day. They can vary from something small, like: “My colleague made me coffee”, to bigger things, like: “I got a big promotion at work.”

The psychologist behind this exercise said that practicing it for only a week can reduce your depression levels and increase the production of serotonin – the “happy” hormone.  

Many people prefer to do this exercise before sleep, but you can do it in the morning also – as a positive reflection on your previous day.

6.     Do the most dreaded task first

Just imagine how more relaxed you would feel when you come home and there are no dishes for washing, or clothes for folding, and everything is neat and clean. You are in for a very relaxed and cozy evening.

7.     Read a book

It doesn’t matter if it is a book or a newspaper. Studies suggest that reading reduces stress and increases empathy – a quality that makes you likable to be around with and which helps in all your social interactions with friends, coworkers, and family during the day.

Moreover, the most successful people in the world are bookworms. They have strict reading habits that they follow. Bill Gates, for instance, has said that he reads one book per week.

8.     Meditate

There are many studies which prove the many benefits that meditation has, such as: improving focus, reducing anxiety and stress, and lowering blood pressure.

Those who meditate regularly are also reported to tire less easily, and get sick more rarely than those who don’t meditate.

9.     Plan your day goals

The psychologist Travis Bradberry suggests starting every morning by creating a plan of all the things you need to accomplish during the day and the time frame in which you will get them done.

This will drastically increase your chances of getting them done. Just keep in mind to write them down, to set realistic goals, and to start by finishing the hardest task first.

10.     Talk to a person you love

 Talking to your loved one is not only an amazing thing to start your day, but it also benefits your body.

Many studies have shown that social interactions are essential for our well-being. Moreover, people who have more social connections are reported to live longer, as opposed to those who tend to isolate themselves.

Plus, loneliness is directly associated with higher stress levels.

If you don’t have enough time in the morning to do all these things, choose those which suits you most and stick to them. It’s better to do at least one, rather than none.

Source: Insider