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10 Reasons Why People Find Happiness in Drug Addiction


Today, we are going to talk about why people may find happiness in drug addiction. More specifically, we are going to focus on cannabis. Whether you call it weed, marijuana, or cannabis, everyone seems to have an opinion about addiction to it. Instead of focusing on the external labels and stereotypes that others use to describe drug addiction, let’s talk about the people themselves.

Cannabis Drug Addiction and Joy

You may have been accused of having a cannabis addiction before by friends or family. Unless they are a doctor, it doesn’t mean all that much. We all know how others like to impose their beliefs upon us, but we don’t have to let it stick to us.

Fending off feelings of shame and judgment cause is not easy, but it is possible. What addiction is and whether it is harmful to us is a far more complex topic than most people are willing to acknowledge.

Our personal experiences are what matters. How we use cannabis and the benefits we attain from it are personal issues. Many people find cannabis to be a significant cause of happiness in their lives. The problem arises when internally, we feel great, but socially all we get is judgment and criticism.

Smoking weed helps us feel happy while others tell us how harmful it is – this paradox can be tough to handle. We hope to dispel some of the mystery around this paradox by looking at why people find joy through drug use.

Here are the top ten reasons people find happiness in Cannabis ‘addiction.’

1. You Enjoy a Hedonistic Lifestyle

Hedonism is a school of thought that focuses on pleasure. Without getting into all the details, the basic idea involves maximizing pleasure and minimizing pain. If we consider a life well lived as one that focuses on that central goal, where does cannabis fit? Many would consider cannabis to be a fantastic tool to help promote pleasure while reducing suffering. Any person who has smoked weed knows how capable of producing euphoria it is. Few other things in life bring as much pleasure without excessive risk of pain as cannabis.

If you consider yourself a hedonist, then you may be finding happiness where others see drug addiction. Ultimately, personal autonomy allows us to spend our lives as we see fit, and many view cannabis as an integral part of a life well-lived.

2. They are not bothered by how others judge them

While there is so much stigma around drug addiction, many find it easier to ignore it all. If you’re someone who doesn’t care what others think and say, you are less likely to allow these outside views to limit your life. Others see addiction, but you don’t, and that’s ok.

Lots of people have opinions of all different types, and it’s better not to let them impact our enjoyment of life. By not letting outside thoughts control you, you can decide what is best for you. It’s your life, and you have an ultimate say over it. Always remember this, and make informed choices about how you want to live your life.

3. Healthy Living with Cannabis

Just because you smoke weed every day doesn’t mean you don’t eat well, exercise, manage stress, and get enough sleep. Many of us live a healthy lifestyle that includes weed. If you’ve eaten a healthy meal while high, you know just how great it feels. The same goes for exercising or getting enough sleep.

When we are healthy, our high experiences bring us joy. If there are issues with your health, cannabis can even help promote positive changes. This pursuit of healthy living can co-exist alongside chronic cannabis consumption. There is no reason why we can’t be healthy and smoke marijuana.

4. You understand that nobody is perfect – Yourself included

We often don’t see what is behind the curtain in the lives of others. The photos and stories posted online may make it seem like everything is perfect, but you know the truth. We are all struggling with different struggles. Nobody is perfect, and we are all just doing the best we can. Considering this fact, why judge others for doing the best they can?

The same goes for others judging you over weed use – Try not to worry about it. That person probably has plenty of problems you may not even know about at all. No matter who you ask, they will have opinions about your life that they want to share. These people think they are always right. Yet, don’t you know your life better than anyone?

5. You Like Getting High

You may like getting high on cannabis a whole bunch. Don’t worry. You’re not alone. There is nothing wrong with admitting that cannabis helps us feel good. Many of us struggle to find joy and satisfaction in our lives. Is it so bad if cannabis helps us find it?

You are perfectly within your rights to like getting high – Lots of people do! It’s ok to admit that something is enjoyable, and that is why you enjoy doing it. You are far from alone, as there is a giant cannabis community all around you that agree.

7. Finding Connections in the Cannabis Community

There is a big world of cannabis lovers out there. You may have friends or family that fall under the cannabis community. Many of us find friends and connections through the world of cannabis.

Those who used cannabis long before it became legal know what it feels like to be in this ‘club’ or community. Back in the day, people had this feeling of being part of something bigger than themselves. If you were a cannabis consumer, you were automatically welcome in this group.

It was like being part of a cool club. You and the people you smoked with were all criminals – you were in on the heist together. When you lit up that joint, everyone in the circle was risking arrest or worse. This togetherness has been a staple of the cannabis community and continues to be so.

7. Sharing is Caring –

The cannabis community has always emphasized sharing. It wasn’t always easy to maintain your stash – whether due to finances or availability. Stoners have always been willing to share, knowing others will do the same for us. This sense of togetherness and sharing with others have been a pillar of the cannabis community.

Passing the joint around a circle with new or old friends is part of what cannabis is all about. Few people in life are more willing to share than a cannabis consumer with some weed in their pocket. This generosity not only helps others but it also makes us feel more joy in our own lives.

8. Living for the Now

With climate change, underfunded retirement funds, contagious diseases, and more, many screwed-up things in our world. If you feel like you may as well enjoy the now and make the most of it, you are not alone.

Cannabis helps us live in the now while feeling both present and content. There are not enough moments in our busy lives where we get to slow down and focus on our immediate surroundings and situation.

9. Cannabis Makes Things Better

You probably know that cannabis makes food taste better, music sounds sweeter, and movies look brighter. No matter what you are doing with your time, cannabis helps you find more joy in those moments. This is one reason why people of all different stripes enjoy every weed types. You can do any activity you enjoy while high and know that you’ll enjoy it even more.

Cannabis, simply, makes things better. And with so many people struggling in this world, is that so bad?

10. Making More with Less

People often find happiness in small and subtle things while high. Something they probably don’t even notice when sober. It is this satisfaction with less that helps cannabis consumers find joy in life.

You don’t need a lot of money or nice things to feel joy. Just a bit of weed and a good song or movie can help us find happiness. This is an overlooked factor often ignored. How many of us are struggling financially? Are there few things that people of all classes can agree on more than the fact that cannabis makes things better?


We hope this conversation has helped you gain new insight on the topic of cannabis and addiction. You discovered ten reasons why people find happiness in cannabis drug addiction – despite what others might say.

However you enjoy your cannabis, we hope it helps you find joy in the little things in life, like making connections and sharing with others. In summary, some people consider daily cannabis use to be an addiction – while others do so because it helps them feel happy.