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10 Signs Your Partner is Committed to You


They say relationships can be fulfilling and hard at the same time. Finding the right match requires work from both sides. The first few weeks of a relationship seem like the easiest, after which the bubble breaks and the real work to maintain it starts. This may lead to more important questions, like, are you in a committed relationship?

Before you decide to speak it out with your partner, some signs showcase that your partner is committed to you, which we are going to discuss further.

  1. They Talk About Your Relationships and Expectations:

Commitment means thinking ahead. This means a person would be open and honest about what they expect the relationship to be moving forward. These topics, where they discuss their desire for kids, career plans, how finances are handled, and where they want to live, indicate your partner is already committed to being with you for the long term.

  1. They Share Long-Term Responsibilities:

If your partner is suddenly ready to make a long-term commitment to sharing responsibilities with you, then it means they are seeking a future with you. For example, adopting a dog together is a long-term commitment, as they are bringing in a new responsibility that both of you would share. You would walk the dog, share the financial burden of it, groom it using best grooming scissors for dogs & shampoo, and play with the pet. So many responsibilities shared between the two only indicate the next big step in a relationship. This shows the next level of intimacy and also indicates they expect to stay together with you for years.

  1. They Make Plans for the Future:

When you see your partner booking tickets for a holiday, which you will take after six months, or renting a place with you. It only means they are planning to be in this relationship for a long time. Making future plans together only happens when a partner is ready to be with you for a long time. This clearly indicates they are committed to this relationship.

On the other hand, if you are bringing up plans that your partner often avoids, you are probably not in a committed relationship yet.

Once both of you start assuming that most of the time you will spend with each other, it likely means you are moving forward and committed to each other.

  1. They are Keen for You to Meet Their Family:

No one introduces their dates to the family unless they are serious about the relationship. If your partner is keen for you to meet the family, it means he or she is extending your place in their lives. They want their family to know how special you are to them. This clearly indicates they are committed to you already.

  1. They Speak in “We”:

Someone who seems to be committed to you will speak about themselves as “we.” For example, if you ask a committed person about their plans for the next summer, they would respond, “We plan to take a hike.” This clearly indicates that all their plans include you, a clear sign of commitment.

  1. They Meet Your Needs (and Vice-Versa):

Those who choose to be committed in a relationship end up meeting each other needs naturally. Your partner will want to make you comfortable with them. They are likely committed to you if they are trying to meet your needs. This means they will find a way to do it by looking for a good job that can meet your needs.

  1. They Are Disinterested in Pursuing Others:

People who are committed to each other and believe in exclusivity stop pursuing others, as they are only interested in being with their partners. They may notice other people from time to time but show disinterest in pursuing them.

  1. They Spend Significant Time with You:

This is one of the most prominent signs of a committed relationship when your partner spends a lot of time with you. Apart from their usual routine, they would end up staying over with you or spending maximum time with you. All their weekend plans will be made, including you in them. The fact that your partner is choosing to be with you rather than other friends means they like to spend time with you and are ready to get committed to you.

  1. They Give You a Key:

If your partner is giving you a key to their place, it is the step before moving in together, but a very important one. They are ready for you to barge into their lives anytime, which is a big commitment. If you have a key to their house, they trust you completely and want you to stay with them for the maximum time. It is a good sign in a relationship and probably will lead to a committed one soon.

  1. They Share Couple Selfies on social media:

In this age of social media, one of the first signs of commitment is when your partner publicly posts pictures with you. Thus is some form of showcasing that they are in this relationship for the long run. Couple selfies are shared only when your partner wishes his or her friend circle to know about you, which is again a sign of commitment. Even though they have not changed their relationship status yet, probably because they did not have open communication with you, it may probably happen sooner than you imagined.

The Bottom Line:

Before you talk it out, learn what a committed relationship means for you and your partner. The meaning is quite obvious, but you should seek clarity. For example, one partner may believe in an open relationship and honesty about sexual partners, whereas the other seeks sexual exclusivity. If both people are not on board with the same concept of commitment, then they might end the relationship at this point.

It is mature to have open communication about this, even if it makes you or your partner uncomfortable. It is better to have everything up front on the table for discussion to ensure the relationship works for both of you and that there is a future.