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10 Snapchat Emojis Meaning And How Can You Use Them

snapchat emoji meaning

Have you ever used or are you new to Snapchat? You probably wonder what different emojis that are placed next to your friends’ names mean. These emojis aren’t placed randomly at all and can tell you a lot about your relationship on Snapchat and your virtual bond with your friends.

If you are new to Snapchat, it will probably be difficult for you to decipher what they actually mean.

This article is a short guide and emoji presentation, and you will know what they mean, how big the virtual bond with your friends is, and which are your BFF Snapchat friends. (1)

Snapchat Is A Great Tool For Sending Short Videos And Images To Your Friends

Snapchat is an interactive medium known for virtual stickers, augmented reality objects, and the original emojis that appear on your friends’ right when you chat. It is primarily used for multimedia messages referred to as “snaps” and includes different filters, drawings, and effects.

 Snapchat has incredible features, and you can easily share images and videos with many users while chatting, and there is no risk that the shared media will remain within the person as they can be viewed by the user for some specified time, determined by the sender (usually 1 to 10 seconds) before they disappear. That is why it has so many users, and it is considered one of the best media for sharing selfies. (2)

What Do Emojis Represent?

Emojis represent friendship and how much you are engaged with that person, and they act as a certain tracking tool. The more selfies and videos you share with that person, the more they change the look, and this can help you to see how your relationship has changed. (3)

10 Snapchat Emojis Meaning

On Snapchat, you can have 8 best friends in total, but that depends on how active you are, so the number can be lower if you are not very active in the application. BFF emojis appear right to your friend’s name, and they have different meanings depending on the interaction you have with your friends.

In general, 10 emojis can be placed right next to your friends’ names and maybe slightly different depending on the operating system and the telephone you use, so without any further ado, let’s see what they mean.

1. Yellow Heart Emoji Means The User Is Your Number 1 Best Friend

When someone is your best friend, and he or she is the person you send most snaps to, you get a yellow heart.

So, the yellow heart emoji signifies you are best friends, one to each other. It appears the first two weeks after being a best friend with that user, and if you continue to be best friends with the same user after 2 weeks, it changes to the red heart.

It is not possible to have a yellow heart with many users, but just with the one you are best friends with.

2. Red Heart Means You Are Best Friends With Someone For 2 Weeks 

Keeping in mind that red is the color of love, passion, power, danger, and power, having a red heart emoji means powerful emotions as it is more intense than the yellow one, and it means an intense virtual bond. This means that you have been best friends with that person for two weeks, and you have constantly been sending snaps one to other for two weeks continuously.

If you keep this emoji for two months, the read hearts turn into yellow or two little pink hearts, and a pink heart means your friendship is more serious than having a red heart.

3. Two Pink Hearts Emoji Means You Are Best Friends For Two Months In A Row

When you see two pink hearts placed beside your friend’s username, it means that you have been best friends for two months now, or super BFF.

Note: There is a bug in the application which causes two pink hearts to be replaced by a yellow heart by mistake.

4. Smiley Face Emoji Means The User Is One Of Your Best Friends But Not Your Best Friend

If there is a smiley face next to your friend’s name on Snapchat, it means that the user is one of your best friends and he or she is the one you send the most snaps to, but he or she is not your number one friend. If he or she is your best friend, Snapchat will display a yellow or a red heart next to your friend’s name.

This is one-sided emoji, and it means that it is not shared mutually between you and your friend. So, if you do not belong to their Best friends list, the smiley face won’t appear next to your name. Instead, they will see a smirking face.

Depending on the version of Snapchat you have or your telephone, this emoji may sometimes blush.

5. Smirking Face on Snapchat Means You Are Someone’s Best Friend

This emoji appears when you are one of the person’s best friends, but he or she is not one of your best friends. In other words, he or she has been sending you a lot of snaps, but you sent most of your messages to someone else.

6. Sunglasses Emoji Snapchat Means You Have A Mutual Best Friend With Your Friend

If this emoji appears beside your friend’s name, it means that you both have a mutual best friend and have recently interacted with the same people.

7. Grimace Face Means A Friendship Triangle

This emoji means that you and your friend interact with the same person and chat and send videos to that person the most, so you are in some kind of friendship triangle.

It is important to note that this emoji can disappear if both users (you and your friends) start sending snaps to some other users, so this emoji is shown as per recent activity.

8. Snapstrack Emoji Means Constant Interaction With Your Friend For Three Days In a Row 

The flame emoji on Snapchat is called a Snapstreak, and it means that you interact with another person for three consecutive days in a row and that you are exchanging constant snaps. This relates only to snaps as the text messages do not count.

If the snapping goes for several days, a number will appear beside this emoji.

9. Hourglass Emoji Means Snapstrack Will End Soon

This is a reminder emoji that your Saptrack will end soon if you do not send another snap to your friend to keep the Snaptreack going on.

10. Birthday Emoji on Snapchat Means Your Friend Has A Birthday 

If you see a birthday cake next to your friend’s name, it means that you should wish him or her a happy birthday. Actually, that is the date your friend has stated as his or her birthday when signing in on the platform. (4)


As Snapchat emojis can convey different meanings, it can be rather confusing if you are a new user, but when you know their meanings, it is fun and easier to keep track of your friends and start snapping even more!