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11 Little Known Surprising Facts About Vaping

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Vaping is not just about smoking and looking cool. Keep reading for 10 little known surprising facts about vaping.

Vaping has become more popular than ever.Everywhere you look, you’ll see someone with a vape australia pen.This is really no surprise, especially as marijuana laws continue to change.

If you’ve never vaped before, you might have some questions about it. You’ve come to the right place for answers. After all, there’s plenty to learn about the vape culture that might surprise you.

In this article, we take a look at some facts about vaping that you probably didn’t know. Keep reading to learn about the world of vaping for fun.

1. Vaping Is Popular Among Celebrities

As vaping becomes increasingly popular in the current culture, it should come as no big surprise that it’s also popular among celebrities. After all, many famous celebs have been open about their love of smoking and weed for decades.

Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Snoop Dog to Kate Hudson routinely document their cannabis and vaping habits on social media. 

Other celebrities who love to vape include Montel Williams, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Lindsay Lohan, just to name a few. 

When it comes to the rich and famous, the popularity crosses every age and sex boundary, providing them with the chance to get high or simply enjoy a hit of nicotine without the downside of smoking.

2. Vaping Can Help You Stop Smoking

Speaking of smoking, many people are turning to vape in a desire to kick the cigarette habit forever. After all, smoking is indeed an addiction that’s tough to give up. Fortunately, for those people hooked on nicotine, vaping can provide a way out. However, if you’re looking for a way to enjoy vaping without the addictive effects of nicotine, you might ask yourself, “Is there a vape with 0 nicotine?” That’s right, thousands of people have already managed to escape the cigarette addiction bus by vaping instead. Plus, it’s much more pleasant for everyone around you than the smell of those nasty cigarettes.

That’s right, thousands of people have already managed to escape the cigarette-addiction bus by vaping instead. Plus, it’s much more pleasant for everyone around you than the smell of those nasty cigarettes.

Another great advantage of vaping over smoking is that you have a multitude of flavors to choose from. There are literally hundreds of flavors available on the market, so you could try something different every day. 

Imagine never having to pile nasty cigarette butts in a filthy ashtray ever again. This is a new freedom more and more people are getting to experience as they discover the joys of vaping products like the IQC vaporizer

3. Vape Oil Doesn’t Burn

Here’s something cool about vaping you likely didn’t know: vape oil doesn’t burn. 

Surprised? We thought you might be.

The truth is that the oil inside the chamber of your vape pen simply evaporates. This happens when the coil heats up with the click of a button, instantly heating the vape oil and causing it to evaporate and produce the flavor you’ve come to love so much.

This is really a simple process. The battery allows the coil to heat up the oil rather than a flame burning the tobacco of a cigarette, which releases carbon monoxide that will be breathed into the lungs of the smoker. Thus the smoke generated by the vape pen doesn’t pose the same health risks as that of a tobacco cigarette.

4. Vaping Culture Is Very Diverse

As the popularity of vaping increases exponentially year after year, you’ve probably noticed that a distinctive subculture has begun to arise with it.

People are naturally drawn to anything that inspires a sense of community. Vaping certainly does this. After all, many people are originally attracted to vaping out of an intense desire to be liberated from their addiction to smoking. So that creates a shared passion and bond.

There is also the simple excitement of a shared interested, and the ability to come together to explore and share the common bond of this new passion. Vapers love to discuss tips, share their experiences, swap favorite vape oil flavors and talk about their vaping habits.

This sense of community thus gives rise to an entirely new world of art and fashion, as well as the desire to spend time together in local hot spots, travel destinations, and online forums where ideas can be shared among a worldwide network of vape enthusiasts.

5. Not Yet Regulated by the FDA

Believe it or not, the FDA doesn’t yet regulate vaping. This might come as a surprise but it’s true. 

Though the FDA regulates many types of tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigarette tobacco, and smokeless tobacco, it hasn’t yet begun to regulate tobacco-related products used in vaping. This includes nicotine gels and dissolvable tobacco.

Under the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, manufacturers are required to disclose all ingredients in the products and receive full FDA approval before they’re allowed to market them.

In addition to this, the FDA would forbid the sell of vape-related products to be sold to minors. And all labeling would have to include health warners regarding the contents of the products.

6. Vapes Are Reusable

This is one of the top reasons vaping has become popular so quickly. People who smoke often go through hundreds of cigarettes each month. This is both expensive and messy. 

After all, cigarettes create tons of ash and then have to be disposed of. This is such a waste, plus it’s terrible for the environment.

Most vape pens are designed to be refilled so that they be used again and again. Some are made for single use, but most aren’t.

Reusable vapes feature a chamber where you simply load a fresh e-juice cartridge and then continue on your way. 

If you are looking to add to your vape accessory collection, be sure to check out Suorin Air Pods.

7. Cheaper Than Cigarettes

As mentioned above, vaping is significantly less expensive than smoking cigarettes.

In fact, the price of cigarettes has risen to crazy levels in recent years. Many brands now cost $6-$8 per pack. So when you consider the fact that many people smoke at least a pack a day, the price of this habit can be like making a car payment each month. 

Those who have made the switch from cigarettes to vaping have discovered the immense savings of their new nicotine delivery system. After all, the vape is reusable. Thus all one has to do is load a fresh e-juice cartridge rather than invest in a new pack of cigarettes.

Once you’ve experienced the cost savings firsthand, it would be hard to imagine ever going back.

8. There Are Vaping Competitions

Vaping tastes great and provides a satisfying nicotine hit, yet it’s also fun. Many people have turned blowing smoke rings into an art form. Vape pens produce enough smoke to allow you to be incredibly creative.

Thus an entire subculture of vaping smoke ring competitions has been born. You’d be amazed by what people are able to do by sucking in smoke from their vape pens and then controlling the release of the smoke to form intricately-formed patterns.

This is all part of the community that has resulted from people coming together to share their passion for vaping. These people are creative, competitive, and passionate about demonstrating their talents to those around them while having a blast in the process.

9. Vape Was the Word of the Year in 2014

Here’s a factoid that might just blow your mind: In 2014, Oxford Dictionaries declared that it had made “vape” the international word of the year.

This goes to show just how popular vaping has become. The term has now officially entered the mainstream. 

This might not seem like a big deal, but it definitely is a sign that things are changing in the world.

10. Vaping Was Invented in China

The history of vaping actually goes back to 2003. That was the year that a Chinese inventor named Hon Lik began researching ways for the human body to be able to consume nicotine without combustion.

One day it occurred to him to use a piezoelectric ultrasound element to vaporize nicotine solution. This was the big idea he’d been searching for.

Although vape pens no longer operate by the same method Hon Lik discovered, his work formed the foundation for the battery-powered heating elements used in the majority of modern vape pens.

11. Vaping Is Great for Weight Loss

We’ve already mentioned the fact that many smokers have used vaping to help them give up the cigarette habit. Vaping has also proved useful for curbing your appetite, thus helping you lose weight.

After all, smoking has been used for years as an appetite suppressant. Vaping has the same effect, yet without the same unhealthy drawbacks of smoking.

When you stop to think about it, buying a bottle of yummy-flavored e-juice is cheaper than indulging in the most tempting calorie-laden meal on the menu. Thus you enjoy all the flavor with the guilt or adding inches to your waistline.

The Most Surprising Facts About Vaping

Once you’ve read these facts about vaping, it should be easy to understand why using a vape pen has been become popular so quickly. It’s clean. It’s healthier than smoking. And you are able to save money while still enjoying the delivery of nicotine.

Plus, it tastes better and is less offensive to everyone around you. What more could you ask for?

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