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11 Signs That You’re An Old Soul And Benefits Of Being An Old Soul

how to spot an old soul

What is an old soul?

When someone says old soul, they most commonly refer to the calm and boundless wisdom that radiates from the person they’re talking about. Old souls have gone through many reincarnations and they truly possess this innate knowledge and understanding of life that many people are still struggling to grasp in their minds.

Old souls are truly fascinating to be around and to learn from. And the traits they possess can be easily spotted from early childhood. Perhaps one of the most obvious signs of an old soul is the maturity they possess when tackling different situations.

How can you spot an old soul  and benefits of being an old soul: 

1. Being different from the rest at their age (ever since childhood)

Being an old soul in a body of a child is certainly a thing that most will easily notice. These children are able to see past the mundane and less purposeful childhood rituals, and they know how to level with adults to the best of their abilities.

You will see these children often debating on topics they are not expected to understand in such depth and discuss moral and ethical philosophies while the rest are distracted by the latest fad.

2. Leaning more on the introverted side

It’s not that old souls don’t need socializing – they actually enjoy it. It’s just that being an old soul means having a hard time finding someone who is ready to go deep into things instead of letting their mind graze on meaningless topics.

So, the old soul chooses to internalize most of their thoughts and develop their insights as part of their life journey.

3. Seeing the bigger picture

Old souls can see past the mundane ‘obstacles’ that most people seem to struggle with and obsess over. They are more focused on the bigger picture and understand the meaning and true purpose of every of these little speed bumps.

4. Thinking through important decisions

An old soul will rarely jump into doing something out of impulse. Their rational and wise nature doesn’t allow them to act before they think, but they always act in the end. The difference is that they like to thoroughly weigh out the possibilities and the cost of the decisions they need to make.

5. Treasuring knowledge above all

Old souls look at knowledge as some people look at money – with passion, intensity, and an insatiable hunger for more. There won’t be a subject that an old soul won’t get their hands on – they are motivated to know, so they’ll be good at everything that offers them knowledge.

6. Learning from history

You know how it goes, history does repeat itself until you’ve learned its lessons. And an old soul understands this on a deep level. They like to understand the history of things before jumping into them, and they like to learn more about how they came to be the way they are.

7. A particular taste for the classics

An old soul loves the charm of the past and the sophistication it offered in respect of manners, literature, music, movies, you name it. You can often catch them listening to some of the old tunes or reading something that many people can’t even bother to understand.

8. A strong love for stories

Not exactly the story from a child’s book, (although that’s also magical for an old soul,) but rather the life stories of strangers, of accidental passersby’s, and of the older members of their family. There is some treasure in the moments of the lives of others that offers such wisdom and insight, and the old soul can spot it and learn a lot from it.

9. Believing in true love

An old soul will not waste their time in a mundane relationship for the sake of being in a relationship. They like to wait out for their true love, in which they firmly believe. They know that two people can create a world filled with love like nothing else can, and they know that this love outlasts everything else.

10. Being in balance with oneself

Old souls know how to keep their calm and balance their thoughts to get the best out of every situation. Running around like a headless chicken and panicking about things that need to be solved doesn’t lead anywhere, and the old soul knows this very well.

11. A giving nature

Generosity is not just another word in the dictionary of an old soul. They bear it in their essence and they live by it. There’s nothing in the world that can replace a smile on someone’s face and the feeling that you’ve made someone’s day better.