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12 Characteristics That Make Introverts Unique


When someone mentions the term introvert, I guess that the first idea that pops into your mind is of a person who is timid, distant, and unsociable. But, know that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Because introverts are not shy, reserved, or cold. These people can actually be quite warm, easygoing, and interested in others.

And yes, introvert individuals display certain behaviors which other people might consider weird, but they always have a sound reason why they behave the way they do.

Here are 12 traits that introverted individuals possess and that other people have trouble understanding:

1. They can tell when a person is genuine.

Introverts can tell when someone is honest, trustworthy, and good. And that’s the kind of people they’re interested in. They want to be surrounded by people who show their true selves. People with whom they can have open, intelligent, interesting, and stimulating conversations. People who are not manipulative, selfish, dishonest, and fake.

That’s why when an introvert recognizes that someone is fake, they distance themselves from them right away.

2. They appreciate loyalty a lot.

Introverts don’t make friendships easily, but once they do, they stick around for good. Having an introvert as a friend means having someone who will invest huge amounts of time and energy in your friendship. Someone who will treat you with kindness, compassion, and dignity. Someone who will stick with you through thick and thin.

And this is exactly how they expect and want you to treat them. They want you to be loyal to them as they are to you.

3. They enjoy their own company a lot.

While most people don’t like spending time on their own, introverted individuals love it. Whether it’s reading books, listening to their favorite type of music, watching movies, relaxing, or daydreaming, introverts enjoy doing it on their own. This is their way of resting and recharging their batteries.

4. They always plan their day.

Introverted individuals almost always know what their day is going to be like. They set goals for the day to avoid wasting time on unimportant things. By keeping a daily schedule, they manage to stay productive both at home and at work.

That’s why they don’t like when they have unexpected visitors, especially when they didn’t squeeze an activity such as hanging out with someone into their busy schedule.

5. They don’t like to be on their own all the time.

Introverts don’t like being alone 24/7. From time to time, they like to go out and hang out with their friends or family.

It’s true – they’re not really fond of loud, crowded places, such as bars, restaurants, and shopping centers, but they have no problem going to such places once in a while to hang out and have fun with the people they hold dear.

6. Moreover, they can sometimes be the life of the party.

But, not intentionally, of course. They might be the life of the party since they want to show that they’re a good host, let’s say, if they’re hosting a birthday party, or since they simply want to entertain the people around them. Indeed, introverts can sometimes behave like their extroverted fellows.

7. They’re rarely bored.

Even when an introvert appears like they’re bored to death, they actually aren’t. Why? Because their thoughts and inner energy keep them from boredom. Introverts can, in fact, get energized even when they just sit still, relax in their comfy armchair and do nothing.

8. They’re not judgmental.

Introverted individuals are quiet and perceptive and they think deeply. This often causes extroverted people to think that an introvert is quietly judging them. But, they’re not. They might be just annoyed by another person’s behavior and thinking about it.

9. They like spending time with their children, but they need some alone time as well.

You might think that introverted individuals don’t really like spending time with their children as the latter are usually loud and energetic. But, this is not true. Introverted parents can actually be quite patient, lively, and cheerful. They can be fun to be around.

But, once they begin feeling exhausted, they’ll ask their kids to give them some alone time to rest and recharge their batteries.

10. They may seem like they’re in a bad mood, but they actually aren’t.

When you see an introvert, you might easily think that they’re in a bad mood, which is not true at all. The thing is that the mind of an introverted individual never stops working.

They’re usually thinking about something – be it their home responsibilities, problems, or how they spent their day at work. So, just because they tend to look pensive or worried most of the time, it doesn’t mean that they’re in a bad mood.

11. They can easily get distracted.

Introverts can easily get distracted by certain movements, sounds, and noises. That’s the reason why they prefer working in quiet environments where there aren’t many people and where there are minimal distractions.

12. Last but not least, they love deeply.

When an introvert loves someone, they love them genuinely, purely, intensely, and wholeheartedly. They try to connect with their partner on a deep emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

They’re not afraid to make compromises and sacrifices for the sake of their partner and for the sake of the relationship as well. And most importantly, they’re not afraid to fully commit to their significant other.