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12 Effective Ways To Cleanse The Negative Energy And Raise The Vibration In Your Home


Neglecting your living space means neglecting your life and inviting negative energy into your energetic field. The truth is, if your home is riddled with negative energy, it will be during your sleep that you’ll absorb most of the negativity and wake up fully charged with it.

This negative energy can affect your work life, love life, relationships with friends and family, and much more. The most concerning fact about it is that most people are unaware of its presence and let it ruin their lives little by little.

So, here’s how you can purge that negative energy and raise the vibration of your home so that it becomes a magnet for positive energy, experiences, and people.

1. Get rid of the clutter

You should keep your living space neat and tidy for the major part of the day – especially when you’re asleep. If there’s clutter in your house, be sure that it will project a messy energy that will disturb the natural energetic flow.

So, put everything in its place and make sure you have designated space for everything you intend to keep in your house. Otherwise, ask yourself: do I really need this?

2. Do you really need all that stuff?

Less is always more, especially when it comes to hoarding items in your house. One ornament makes a piece of art, while many make a gift shop. You don’t want your place to turn into a storage house for things that you don’t even have the time to admire.

By allowing your living space to breathe, you allow for new energy to gather in the places where it is free to reside. Objects have the tendency to accumulate the negative energy from the room, so having too many of them is not a very wise choice.

3. Bring some life into your space – plants and fresh flowers

Plants and fresh flowers always bring in new energy and serve to cleanse the negative one. Green plants have the power not only to purify the air, but they also convert the negative energy into positive.

So, make sure you buy some nice plants, and again – stick to having one or two that are worth it and that have their own place with enough sunlight. Taking care of them will further their energetic potential, as your bond with them will become one that serves as mutual protection and nurturing.

4. Break down the negative energy continuum

Negative energy spreads like a disease in the house. It can start from one place, and it gradually spreads all around and over the house. The best ways to break this continuum include a few methods of energy cleansing that you can read about in the further points.

5. Burning Sage

White sage smudge sticks are an excellent way to break the negative energy loop apart. Open your windows and start smudging your place making sure you reach all the corners in the rooms. The most effective way is starting from your eastern-most corner and going counter-clockwise.

Although in the end, no matter how you do it, the most important thing is to engage your focus and attention on the action of cleansing negative energy and allow to let go of it. The bulk of the negative energy resides in corners, so make sure you give them some more focused treatment.

6. Salt

Salt’s crystalline properties have the ability to break down negative energy, especially when it has been accumulated in furniture or carpets. Simply throw some salt on your carpets and furniture, let it work its magic for about half an hour, and then vacuum clean it.

Additionally, placing a Himalayan salt lamp will radiate with the neutralizing properties of the salt while providing your air with negative ions and giving you a warm light to enjoy.

7. Rearranging furniture

A highly recommended thing to do if your house has been affected by a longer period of negative energy and sickness is to rearrange your furniture. Changing the place of at least two things in a room will break the negative energy chain that has been created by its spreading.

8. Opening doors and windows

Changing the air in your living space every morning and night is very important, regardless of what time of the year it is. Simply let some new and fresh air to bring about a change in the vibration of your room and see how everything becomes calmer and clearer.

9. Letting the sunlight in

For as long as the sun is shining outside, it should be shining inside your house as well. The sun’s life-giving light is one of the strongest sources of positive energy that simply breaks down any lingering negativity.

Make a habit of pulling the curtains away and letting the sun brighten your living space. It’s a very powerful energy we’re talking about.

10. Crystals

Crystals are a natural source of positive energy. You don’t need to pile your place up with crystals, but one larger one that will take the central position in your house can serve as protection and a source of a higher vibration.

Place a larger quartz crystal in the middle of your house and cleanse it every month with some running water (or a salt-water bath) before recharging it in the sunlight or in the moonlight.

11. Burning incense

Any natural incense will do good to maintain the positive vibration of your home. However, they are powerless against clutter, chaos, and a generally messy place. If you have followed the steps above, you should definitely light some incense of your liking and enjoy the already cozy and pleasant atmosphere.

12. Meditation

In the end, you are the greatest source of energy that influences the inanimate nature of your living space. That said, it would be best if (after all the cleansing) you started doing meditation and raise your own vibration in the positive conditions you have created.

Designate a special place for meditation that other people won’t mingle in, and use it as your and your house’s source of positive energy with you as the main generator.


Try these steps next time you do a more thorough cleaning of your house and you will notice the change immediately. And don’t forget: Attracting positivity in your home means attracting positivity in your life.


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