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12 Signs He Is Falling For You Hard

signs he is falling hard for you

Love is the most beautiful emotion there is that everyone should eventually experience it. It’s that profound feeling we get when we finally meet the person that was meant for us.

However, there are times when you can drive yourself crazy trying to decipher what does a guy think of you and how he actually feels about you. Before you take this to the next level and totally freak about it, stop for a second and breathe.

There are a lot of ways to tell if a person is crazy about you, no matter how mysterious they can be.

When someone is infatuated with you, you can tell by the way they treat you. Some people have a difficulty expressing themselves verbally, but that doesn’t mean they don’t care. Some of us just show it the other way. It’s so intense, it’ll shake you to your very core.

So, if you find yourself questioning and doubting whether he’s falling in love with you,

Here are 12 signs he is falling for you hard: 

1.He won’t shut up about you to his friends

You know how you annoy the hell out of your girlfriend for every triviality there is? Well, guys talk to their friends too. Another indicator that he’s going crazy about you is having their friends spill out in front of you “Hey, I’ve heard a lot about you”.

News flash ladies: He cares for you enough to talk about his feelings to his guy friends. Hello! You mean a lot to him!

2.He takes most of the time out of his life to spend it with you

You can really tell a guy is going crazy after you when he finds all the possible ways to reschedule his dense weekly agenda just, so he can spend more time with you.

And it doesn’t matter if it’s only for an hour, it’s the precious time that is spent with you that matters to him the most.

3.He needs to protect you from all the harm there is

This world is hard and filled with all sorts of evil that we face every day. So, having a significant other who’ll be there to make it easier to go through, it is everyone’s desire.

If your partner goes out of his way to make you feel safe and secure when you’re with him, he cares about you deeply. 

4.He tries hard to have good relations with your closest friends and family

He knows that sharing a life with you and loving you means respecting your loved ones and family as equally as you. And if he enjoys doing that, you can rest assured that you’re the love of his life.

5.He takes your pieces of advice

The fact that he includes you in his decision-making process and needs to consult you on any matter which determines his life says a lot about his affection towards you. You mean the world to him and your words have a huge impact on his life.

6.He’s making plans for your future

You can feel he has fallen in love with you when he starts planning your summer vacation 6 months in advance, or carefully manages his savings in order to settle down with you.

He discusses his career options with you just, so he can align his world with yours. This kind of behavior indicates that he’s about to seal the deal with you.

7.He’s not afraid of completely showing his feelings in front of you

Whenever a guy encourages himself to open up his soul in front of the one he’s seeing, it’s certain that he is madly in love. It’s often said that guys don’t express their feelings in the same emotional manner as us girls.

But when a man falls in love, he’s capable of doing the impossible in order to be with the one they love. He has the courage to lay his heart in front his woman and not be afraid of any consequence.

8.He shows you off to other people 

He is proud of you and enjoys meeting you with his fellow friends. “Meeting the friends” is a serious step in the relationship, so you should definitely stop worrying. You’re the one for him.

9.You often catch him giving you that infatuated, happy look 

Do you ever catch him watching you with a loveable and happy face? He just looks at you while having a cute smirk on his face and you just feel that he’s fallen harder than words could ever describe.

10.He’s more than pleased to share his interests and activities with you

He’s interested in discovering everything that makes your eyes sparkle and your heart beat faster. He wants to know every passion and interest of yours, the same way he wants to share his life with you. This means he wants you to be a part of his world, always and forever.

11.He’s the real gentleman

Spoken from a personal experience, when a guy falls hard for a girl, he’ll act like quite the gentleman around her. His loving embrace will be tight but soft. You know he’ll hold your hand firmly but tenderly. Whenever it happens, you’ll feel it.

12.His eyes are only for you

He’ll never imagine even thinking about another girl. When a guy is crazy in love with you, he’ll do his best to let you know that you are the only one in his life.

He won’t notice other girls flirting with him because he’s not interested. All he wants to think about is you- and that’s what true love actually means.