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Telepathy In Love – 12 Simple Steps To Communicate With Your Loved One

telepathy in love

There are ever so many situations in which we just want to send all our love to those that matter, those that we care about. And no matter the distance, the roadblocks, or the factors that simply won’t allow you to be physically with that person, your love energy can reach them through a different channel.(1)

What Does Telepathy Mean?

Telepathy is a channel through which, besides thoughts, many different kinds of energy can be sent. We are all telepathically capable, and this gift is even stronger when you are emotionally connected to a person.

If you’ve had those experiences where you simply think of the person, and they suddenly call or text, or even pop up somewhere along the road, it’s the telepathic connection that you have created that makes this happen.

So, how can you use it to send the love energy? Love is a healing energy that can uplift and help out anyone in trouble, in emotional turmoil, or in any kinds of challenging periods. (2)

However, before you read the steps to sending love telepathically, a word of caution: if you are willing to send this energy to anyone, you need to be aware of your intent. Any healing energy, including the love energy, needs to be sent with no strings attached, and with the best interest at heart for the person who is receiving it.

If you see yourself seeking some kind of personal gain, stop there and reassess your thoughts and actions. What is more, sending the Love energy to a person who is not likely to accept it (you don’t have to ask them to know) is also something you need to avoid. You can’t force them to accept it telepathically, as much as you can’t do it face to face.

Send your love to a person that you feel a mutual connection, and never do it to get something out of it. The love energy is unconditional and pure, and you should always keep it that way.

How To Send A Telepathic Message? Here Are The Steps To Sending Love Telepathically:

Send A Telepathic Message

1. To carry this out, you need to find a quiet place where you can sit comfortably in a meditative state, or lie down on a bed, couch, or on a mat on the floor.

2. Let your body and mind relax. You need to prepare your body to be in a meditative state, and you could even do a quick relaxing meditation.

3. Inhale slowly while counting to 4, hold your breath with full lungs counting to 4, exhale to the count of 4, hold your breath with empty lungs counting to 4. This breathing exercise will help you achieve a harmonized state of mind, so do it until you start feeling that overall state of ‘good.’

4. Close your eyes and start focusing on the person you want to send your love energy to. Picture their physical appearance and place their image before you, as if they are standing there.

5. Then, focus on the purest emotions you feel toward this person, the love you feel in its depth and heights. Feel this beautiful emotion taking over your body, and center the energy in your heart.

6. Reevaluate your heart’s intentions and ensure that your love is gentle, pure, and well-intentioned. If you feel any negative energy, or any ill intentions, do a quick cleansing ritual, letting go of all those negative aspects. Simply accept their existence and let them move on. Do this until nothing but purity and good intentions are left.

7. Repeat this to yourself: “I am sending my love unconditionally and without prejudice. I cannot control the actions of those that I love, nor will I force my love upon them, however, I will make my love available should he/she choose to accept it.” You don’t have to be vocal, but it’s crucial that you take this message to the heart.

8. Focus your attention back on the love that is abundant in you, but this time turn your focus specifically on the love FOR the person you are picturing. Feel the deep, caring love for the person, and reveal the very love you are planning on giving.

9. Draw all the love from your body to a focused, high-energy central location in your heart, and allow this love to be felt like an energy that is building and growing.

10. Imagine a cord through which you and the person are connected, and through which you’re going to send your love. This connection should run from your heart to the person’s third eye. Envision this cord and make it real in your mind.

11. Now, allow all the energy you have gathered up in your heart to travel through the channel you have created, along the cord. Allow it to make its journey smoothly and try to sense any blockages. Help your loving energy disperse these blocks until it reaches smoothly to the receiver.

12. Continue for at least 10 minutes, allowing a continuous flow of the energy. Use your telepathy to sense if they are feeling the loving energy you are sending to them. You can repeat this love therapy as often as you wish, over days, to increase and optimize the effect the Love energy can have on that person.

The Love energy is a transformational and uplifting energy that heals the mind and the body. It is one of the purest energies we as human beings can generate. It is abundant and cannot cease to exist, as our heart chakras possess the potential of generating enormous amounts of this energy.

So, send your Love to the person that matters most to you, and you will know that they are better because of your love!

Receivers Of Telepathic Messages

Telepathy messageHow To Know If Your Telepathic Message Was Received?

There are people who are better at sending telepathic messages and there are also people who are better at receiving them. However, receivers don’t usually know when they are receiving a telepathic message. Instead, they may falsely think that it is a coincidence and let it go because they are not able to deal with the deeper meaning of the message.

However, if you are the receiver and you stop for a minute and pay close attention to your thoughts, you can see a pattern of your thinking. You will be able to notice when certain thoughts enter your brain and also you will notice when there are thoughts that enter your brain but don’t fit the usual pattern of your thoughts. Those are the telepathic messages.

How To Know If Someone Is Sending You Telepathic Messages?

1. You get the hiccups

When you get the hiccups randomly and not after drinking too quickly, it may be a sign that someone is trying to communicate with you telepathically. Oftentimes, hiccups are thought to be a sign of someone bad-mouthing you or thinking ill of you.

2. You suddenly turn red

You get a burning sensation on your cheeks or ears out of the blue. You are neither embarrassed nor did you put on blush. However, your face is all red as if you have a fever. Some people believe that when you suddenly get red and you have a tingling sensation going through your body, then someone is thinking of you and probably not in a positive way. Because your red cheeks may be a sign of someone slapping you in their thoughts.

3. You sneeze suddenly

When you suddenly sneeze with no explicable reason, it means that someone is thinking about you. And in some culture it is believed that when you sneeze two times, that means that someone is thinking about you in a bad way, and when you sneeze three or more times, it means that someone is thinking of you in a positive way.

4. Your eye twitches and itches randomly

This is a popular sign of someone thinking of you and they are trying to send their energy toward you. It probably is someone who longs to see you and they have love for you in their heart.

5. A butterfly lands on you

Butterflies symbolize change. They are believed to be a part of the spiritual world and transmit energy from one person to another. Therefore, when a butterfly lands on you it is a very powerful sign from the Universe that someone is sending you a telepathic message, perhaps a deceased loved one since butterflies are a symbol of death and rebirth.

6. You find a white feather

A white feather will usually show up to you after you have experienced a loss of some kind, especially after a loss of someone you loved so much. It is a touching and hopeful sign because the white feather means that your loved one is in a better place and they want you to know they are thinking of you.

7. You get goosebumps

Getting goosebumps for no reason means someone is thinking of you obsessively. And this person probably has high telepathic powers because they are able to transfer their thoughts into energy that gets into your subconscious mind and emits physically on your body.

8. You get sudden mood swings

If you are having a great day and suddenly you feel sad for no apparent reason, then it may be a sign that those emotions of sadness are not yours. Those may be the emotions of someone who is deeply attached to you and trying to communicate with you telepathically.

9. You get a sense like someone is touching you

Getting a feeling of someone touching you even though there is no one around you can be a little scary. However, the most probable explanation is that someone thinks telepathically of you and wants to send you a message.

How To Identify The Sender Of The Telepathic Message?

There are times when it is easy to find out who is behind the telepathic message you received. However, sometimes telepathic messages are not sent consciously and that’s why you need to be careful. It is very common for any person to send energy and thoughts to someone else without being aware of what they are doing.

But, if you are sure that you are the receiver of telepathic messages and you want to know the sender, here’s how you can help yourself find the person who stands behind the message.

There is a high possibility that you know them.

It is very likely that the sender of the telepathic message is someone you know unless you are a very skilled telepath. We are picking up telepathic messages from people we know, people who are close to us, people from our surroundings and it is hard to do that with strangers because with people we don’t know, our energy field is closed and we are unable to communicate telepathically.

Try to recognize the energy of the person

Every person is unique and has a special and unique energetic blueprint. We all have different energies and that’s why we feel different vibrations around different people.

So, if you want to find the person who sent you the telepathic message, try to focus on the energy you received when you got the message and try to remember whether you felt the same around someone because chances are, they are the sender of the message.

Finally, pay close attention to what happens next

When you have received a telepathic message from someone, it is very possible for them to try to reach you in person. You may encounter them on the street, they may say ‘hello’ to you, or give you a call out of nowhere.

If the person who has sent you the message is someone you see on a daily basis, then pay attention to their words and notice whether you hear them say something similar to the message you have received.

Or, get into a meditative state and let your energy flow naturally. You will know the answer in your heart.

Telepathy Between Lovers – 11 Signs Of  Telepathic Love Connection

Telepathy In LoveWhat Does Telepathy Mean? 

Can you feel your lover’s emotions? It is said that when two souls bind their energy together, it creates a bond that connects them on a physical as well as on a spiritual level. The energy that emerges between the two lovers can be so powerful and divine that their souls are in sync, and so, they will feel things they have never felt before. This can be both beautiful and confusing because we are not always used to experiencing such deep emotions and massive awareness at the same time.

What Is A Telepathic Love Connection?

This connection that seems out of this world is a telepathic love connection and it takes two people to hear each other’s thoughts, finish each other’s sentences, and feel whatever the other person is feeling. If you ever felt sad or anxious for no apparent reason, then chances are, you are experiencing a telepathic love connection i.e. those emotions of sadness and anxiety are not yours – those are the emotions of the other person, your lover. You have successfully tapped into their energy and you are now connected.

Telepathy is truly a gift and those people that are blessed with it will evolve spiritually and raise their consciousness to new massive heights. When there is a telepathic connection between lovers, the communication between them can occur not only through talking, but they will also communicate when they are far away from each other through their thoughts. When those two souls are separated, they will have a sense of longing and yearning combined with anxiety, and those feelings are not only their own, but they also belong to the other person.

You will feel your partner near you even though they are not. You will feel their love. You will feel their energy. You will feel their presence. You will feel them with every fiber of your being. That’s how powerful telepathic love is.

How Do You Know That You Are Experiencing Telepathic Love?

Signs of Telepathic Communication Between Lovers.

1. Knowing what the other one is thinking.

Whether they are next to you or miles away, you just know what they are thinking and feeling as if they have told you. You know what they will tell you next when you are speaking to them, and as you hear them uttering the exact words you get chills down your spine. It’s as if you can read each other’s minds. That’s how powerful telepathy in love is.

Your minds have become one. That’s telepathy. You two are connected with an invisible and unbreakable cord. You two have become one. Two bodies – one soul. Your love is a rare gem and a true gift to the world.

It’s a deep feeling of knowing that your loved one is having a bad day and you call them to ask them “Is everything all right?” and they are pleasantly surprised to hear from you because they indeed had a bad day and all they wanted was to hear your soothing voice.

Their bond is so strong that they cannot hide anything from each other. And that’s intimacy in the purest and highest form.

2. Being able to alter each other’s moods.

If you have found yourself in a situation where you felt perfectly fine and happy and then, all of a sudden, you experience a strange energy flow going through your body and you become restless and overwhelmed, then that is a sign of a telepathic connection.

When two people are connected telepathically, they are able to transfer their energy to one another thus mixing their feelings and altering each other’s moods. The feelings of sadness, joy, happiness, or anger get transferred successfully to the other person without uttering any words or taking any action.

So, next time when you start feeling nervous or sad out of the blue, bear in mind that your lover might be responsible for it.

3. Being able to read each other like an open book.

We are taught that this world is cruel and not everyone has good intentions towards us, so we are constantly masking our feelings in an attempt to guard our hearts. However, our telepathic lover is able to break down our defenses and see through our mask.

They can tell every time we are feeling brokenhearted. They know when we need a hug and a shoulder to cry on and they give those things to us selflessly. They know what we want and need even when we ourselves are not aware of it.

They know our body, mind, and soul. They are sensitive to our energy and that further strengthens the bond we have with them.

4. Being comfortable in silence.

Most people know the feeling of sitting in the same room with someone and not talking, so the silence between you is deafening, uncomfortable and it makes you feel anxious and concerned. When it comes to telepathic love, the silence that comes between the lovers is positive.

It’s the kind of silence that allows them to enjoy each other’s company fully through all their senses. The silence doesn’t separate them. On the contrary, they feel even more connected and closer to each other. That’s the magic of telepathy.

Telepathy In Love

5. You know each other’s emotional state.

You perceive each other’s emotions with ease. You can understand what they are going through and so, you are always there for them when they need you the most. You support each other, you motivate each other, and you love each other so much that your souls are intertwined.

You have a feeling that they know you the best and around them, you can relax and be yourself. Whatever you feel, they understand you and help you to get through anything that comes your way.

They are the person you go to first when something good or bad happens because you know they won’t ever let you down.

5. Vivid and recurring dreams.

Dreams are a mystery. There are people who swear they can communicate through their dreams. And some dreams are pure telepathy. For example, you and your lover can find yourselves in a situation where both of you will have similar or exactly the same dream. That is a sign that your goals for the future are aligned and you two are connected.

Also, you can dream that your lover has a fever, and when you ask them how they feel the next day, they tell you that they couldn’t sleep well because they had a fever all night. There can also be dreams that are very vivid when one person sees one part of the dream and the other person sees the other part.

All these situations mean that your subconsciouses are connected thus forming a strong telepathic love connection.

7. You have strong intuition.

One of the most evident signs that you have telepathic powers is your impeccable sense of intuition. Your gut instinct is so strong that almost everything that goes through your mind materializes into reality. Your thoughts literally become things.

The little voice in your head tells you everything you need to know about any situation so you can always protect yourself and react accordingly. Trust your intuition and you will always be on the right path.

8. Non-verbal communication

Telepathic love language is a different kind of language. And it doesn’t need any words or mimics. The reality is, you can sit with your lover without uttering a word, and yet you will both feel like you have been talking for hours. You both feel understood because you spoke with your hearts and souls.

This type of communication is the most endearing and fulfilling of all. Having someone who speaks the same language as your soul is precious and no amount of words can replace that experience.

9. Your souls are in sync.

Telepathy is not only a connection of the minds, but it is also a connection of the souls. Two souls are perfectly aligned at the deepest level, with their love, interests, and future plans synchronized which is a key to physical and emotional intimacy.

Your future plans will be the same because you two are basically one soul. There is a strong force that connects you and doesn’t allow your paths to separate.

10. Spiritual growth.

People that we love have the strongest influence over us. They are our inspiration to become our best selves. They are our guiding stars towards improving our lives because we want to be the best for our lover.

Our telepathy lover helps us grow spiritually. They make us a better person.

11. Finally, they feel like home.

When they hug you, you feel loved. You feel protected. You feel at home. Their presence is all you need for you to get the peace you need and calm your soul. One hug and kiss from them makes everything fall into place.

Can You Learn To Be Telepathic?

Yes, you can. We all have the ability inside of us to be telepathic. We all have that power within. We only need to start using it to your advantage. And we can awaken that power through practice. That’s why telepathy is the strongest among lovers. It is because they naturally think and fantasize about each other frequently.

Moreover, this kind of telepathic connection and communication can happen between siblings or twins because naturally, they are very close to each other. They can often sense when the other is in danger or hurt.

So, with practice, we can unlock our hidden telepathic powers and have a life-changing experience in the most positive way.

Telepathy In Love - 12 Simple Steps To Communicate With Your Loved One