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14 Unavoidable Body Signs That Show You He’s Not The ONE

if he gives you butterflies he's not the one

Our bodies have a way of communicating with us and they like to tell us when something is good or bad for us. The gut feeling we get when we get into things is our primary defense (or encouragement) mechanism that allows us to function in the best way possible. 

That’s the case with love – the butterflies, the weightlessness, the craving to see the person you love – it’s your body that simply finds it hard to resist the alluring charm that love brings.

How to know if he’s not the one?

Sometimes we tend to ignore the signs our body is sending us because we like to idealize the reality into what we want it to be rather than what it really is. Our minds can go to such extents that we simply start confusing facts with fantasy.

That’s when you should start listening to your body and see what it has to say about it.

Here are 14 signs that your body gives you when you’re, with the wrong person:

1. You are SICK to your stomach

You know that feeling when you’re in crazy in love and you have the “butterflies” in your tummy?

Imagine the complete opposite of that. I refer to them as “crocodiles” in my stomach. It’s that terrible feeling we get before an exam or an important talk.

If you feel sick to your stomach and feel like you might throw up whenever you two are together it’s a RED ALERT. You might want to seriously reconsider if he’s the one. Feeling anxious about something external can have a great effect on you internally.

2. You CAN’T SLEEP well next to him

In order to fall asleep, you need to be totally relaxed. If you can’t imagine yourself sleeping peacefully right next to your partner and suddenly get the creeps that you might not love him anymore… it’s settled. You need to have a serious talk about where this is going.

3. He can’t seem to GET you OFF

There are some things that happen only with the right person. No matter how “good in bed” your partner is, if he can no longer do the magic trick and make your toes curl even when a slightest naughty thought crosses your mind, HOUSTON, we have a problem.

Sex is a very intimate act that rises to the top when experienced with someone who means the world to you.

4. You have trouble CALMing down

When there is some unresolved issue or a problem, our body heightens the stress levels, which results in you feeling more nervous and tense. Having a hard time relaxing and constantly fighting with your emotions and thoughts might be a serious sign that he’s not the one for you anymore. 

5. You are EXHAUSTED

The most common indicator of stress and unhappiness is tiredness. It is also one of the signs your body might be sending you when it’s trying to tell you that he’s not the one. In the battle between pretending to look fine and suppressing your emotions, you can end up feeling extremely exhausted. 

6. You feel FRUSTRATED

On top of all this, your patience is running shorter than ever and you find yourself frustrated with everyday little things. Constant questioning and examining all of the options whether he’s is the right person for you leaves you frustrated. And it’s not long before the same frustration takes on every other part of your life.

7. The TENSION is rising over the top

When stress occurs, it’s most likely you’ll experience tension in different parts of your body. The same applies to the stress that is caused by an unhappy relationship. Your body will feel the stress and begin building tension in various body parts.

If you often feel like this, whenever you think of your partner, it’s time to have that important conversation.

8. You feel LONELY even though you aren’t alone

Even though you are formally in a relationship, your body has already given up that idea. You spend time with them but it feels as if no one is there. You are lonely. These feelings of loneliness are not to be ignored because they’re a serious sign that changes need to be made.

Relationships should inspire growth and positive feelings. If your case shows the opposite, the answer to your dilemma is obvious.

9. You are constantly NERVOUS

You often find yourself very distressed and shaken. Discomfort and being unable to sit still are a sign that there are heavy things on your mind. You are in this present moment, but your thoughts are running wild.

10. You’ve fallen victim to the BAD HABITS

On top of all these signs, adding bad habits only makes the list worse. Another accurate stress indicator is biting your fingernails, scratching your skin, smoking. If you are happy and satisfied with where you stand, these occasional habits won’t mean to you much.

But the funny thing about them is that they’re usually performed most when a person is stressed. Your mind acknowledges your condition and therefore uses a physical action in order to reduce the stress.

11. You have a problem with your APPETITE

Going through this confusing and painful experience of deciding the direction of your love life can leave you with sudden changes in your appetite. You’ll either end up stuffing your mouth with comfort food or you’ll avoid eating at all. Gaining or losing appetite is connected to stress and is one of the most important signs that our bodies give us.

12. You can’t SLEEP

You are constantly over-thinking and have troubled sleep. This unsettled issue will cut into all of your time until you resolve it. Take the hint your body is giving you and come to terms with yourself in order to eventually let go of it.

13. You feel ANGRY all the time

Blaming others instead of taking care of yourself is the easiest thing to do. Still, it will only delay your pain and make things harder.

14. Constant HEADACHES

No matter what caused them, whether they are big or small, headaches are the worst of the worst. And the longer you stress over the situation the longer you’ll suffer.