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20 Pictures Of People Who Got Face To Face With Their Doppelgangers From Museum And Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes


If you think it is impossible for you to relate to classical art in today’s modern era, think again. These guys thought the same thing only to be left amazed and speechless to find their doppelgangers – and in a museum!

We have compiled a list of 20 pictures of “time-travelers” who took a selfie with their unknown twin from the past who they met on canvas.

See the pictures for yourself and tell us what you think.

1.When you get face to face with you in a museum Davidurbon

2. When he got into the museum this happened


3. He had an interesting discovery at the museum 


4. A true doppelganger experience Ross W. DuffinRoss W. Duffin

5. He found a picture of “himself” taken 111 years ago as a Samurai datman

9. He is the head 10. An art museum in Zurich held a picture of his doppelganger from the past century Melbourneer
11. He found in Louvre a painting of him painted many years ago MrPaulieP 

12. He found this picture of him while visiting the Met racoon_goon

13. Gallery twins Davidurbon

14. A kid found his doppelganger in Trento, Italy Science Museum Todd Mansfield

15. Weird Al is immortal at Louvre AlboUnderhill

16. Meet Henry XVIII scrmedia

17. He went to see the painting of Mona Lisa when he discovered something more exciting realbobsnyder

18. Even babies can find their doppelgangers in museums 


19. We think they really look alike 

20. What a resemblance!