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20 things first-time moms should never do



Being a mother starts even before becoming pregnant and therefore some of the activities you indulge in may end up affecting you or the baby. Smoking affects fertility in both men and women and women and therefore it is advisable for the first time mothers to avoid smoking during or even when they are pregnant. Research shows that women who smoke during pregnancies may conceive children’s with disabilities

Reduce caffeine intake.

Consuming a lot of caffeine when you are pregnant may lead to miscarriage this is according to research conducted. It is believed too much caffeine consumption by a pregnant lady may really affect the development of the baby. If you have to consume caffeine when you are pregnant you should limit yourself to the only 200ml per day.

Drink alcohol

Alcohol consumption has effects on both men and women before getting pregnant and for the mother during the pregnancy period. It is advisable for the pregnant mother to avoid consumption of alcohol as it may lead to complications during giving birth. Even after conceiving the baby it is not okay to drink alcohol as it may get to the baby during breastfeeding.

Taking non-prescription drugs

Upcoming mothers should be really careful on the type of drugs they consume either from the chemist or from your local dealers. Some of the drugs may affect the body of the mother to a point they may even make the young lady infertile. Also when a mother is pregnant taking drugs which she has little information on may lead to miscarriage or giving birth to a baby with deformities.

Avoid multiple sexual partners

During pregnancy, it is advisable to stick to one sexual partner and if you have no knowledge of his medical conditions you should prefer the use of condoms or abstain from sex. Some of the sexually transmitted diseases may affect the newborn baby. Your spouse should also avoid multiple sexual partners to avoid transmitting diseases to the pregnant wife.

Stop being inactive

Exercise before and during pregnancy is really a good thing. It is believed the more active people are more fertile as compared to the fewer actives. Continuous exercise may help the mother during pregnancy and giving birth as the muscles are already strong enough to handle the contraction.

Do not hang out on a sauna or hot tub.

Pregnancy comes with a lot of aches and pains and one may think to relax in a hot tub or a sauna may help in reducing the pains. It may help but the effects that may come alongside it are worse as the body temperatures are elevated leading to birth defects.

Do not sit and stand for too long

It is advisable to be an active person, but also you should know to what point does active become tiring and what line divide being active and lazy. Therefore you should be just active enough.

Do not believe everything you read

First-time mothers are faced with the challenge of knowing what is true and what is wrong and therefore they depend on the internet and books for their solutions. Some believe each and everything they read but for sure you should not believe everything you read.

Here are things you should never do after the first 15 days after labor

Avoid intense workouts

Exercise after giving birth is a great thing as it may help the mother in losing weight but intense workouts are not great for your body. After pregnancy women experienced heavy breeding and soreness all over the body and intense work out makes it hard.

Avoid swimming

After birth, the body needs time to cleanse itself and involving yourself in swimming may lead to the introduction of bacteria in the body and thus causing infections.

Avoid tight clothes

After giving birth all the mothers are excited to finally get rid of their loose-fitting clothes and go back to their usual fitting clothes but wearing the tight clothes few days after giving birth may lead to infections and make the first mothers comfortable. However, you can start wearing your abdominal binder almost immediately without any risks. 

Avoid sexual intercourse

A woman needs to give her body time to heal after giving birth; therefore engaging in sexual activity may increase the soreness in her body and also lead to infectious diseases.

Avoid skipping meals

Every woman aims at regaining their body after giving birth and women look for all the possible ways that can reduce their body weight. Some skip meals with the aim of losing weight which is not advisable since the production of lactating milk will decrease.

Do not entertain too many guests after birth.

After giving birth, everybody wants to come to see the baby both your friends and the family and this is not advisable. At this period of time, you and the child are both healing and you may be prone to infections.

Never to give up on breastfeeding.

As a first time mother, you may be faced with a lot of challenges while breastfeeding as sometimes the production of lactating milk may be low and finally decide to use other methods of breastfeeding. The bond created through breastfeeding is inseparable and therefore you should never give up. Don’t forget to check online parenting resources to make both you and your baby healthy and safe.

Never allow visitors to kiss the newborn

When anybody sees a newborn, they want to hold and candle with the newborn but this may have serious impacts. There is one case where a mother lost her infant baby because of the kiss given by a friend. The friend had herpes and the disease affected the baby.

Never forget to change diapers

Being a new mother is a challenge especially first-time mothers as you do not know the does and they don’t and sometimes you may forget to change the diapers. Always keep a reminder to always change the dippers

Too many baths

Too many births for a young baby may lead to cold and other diseases such as pneumonia; therefore, it is advisable to bathe the kid when necessary.

Avoid your baby from crying out

In the past, first-time mothers were advised to allow their kids to cry out but it not good advice. The only way that a child can communicate is through crying and therefore if you interfere with that you make it hard for you to understand each other.