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3 Creative Ways to Build a Travel Fund and Save for Your Vacation


Do you wish to take a vacation this year, but have no idea how you’ll afford it? Worry not because these three hacks will teach you how to save for a vacation.

The average cost of a vacation is $1,145 per person. So if you’re planning on going on a trip with your significant other and children, then expect that amount to at least double!

We all work hard to save up money, but sometimes, it just seems like it’s not enough to finally reward yourself with a fun getaway.

Are you wondering how to save for a vacation? Then read on for 3 great ways to save money for a trip.

  1. Cut Down on the Extras in Life

Take a good look at your daily expenses. You might think everything is a necessity but think again.

Is that daily cup of Starbucks coffee you grab really necessary? That’s around $5 you’re spending every day, and after a month, that adds up to $150.

You don’t have to give up your small pleasures completely, either!

For example, instead of buying coffee, you can brew your own at home and bring it in a thermos. Not only is this cheaper, but you’ll also get to customize your brew just the way you like it. There’s no better barista than yourself, after all.

Other things you can do are cut down on eating out (cook at home more), get rid of your cable service (and use Netflix instead), and cut down on your phone bill by getting a more conservative contract.

  1. Get a Second Job

If you have the spare time to, then get a second job. This will be one of the quickest ways to pad your savings, in addition to cutting down on extras.

Don’t like being held to a rigid schedule? Then look for something that’s a little more flexible, such as landscaping, babysitting, bartending, or dog walking.

By picking up a few jobs here and there, you’ll find your money will grow a lot quicker.

  1. Pay off as Much Debt as Possible

And as quickly as possible too.

You might be scratching your head, thinking: how is this a money-saving tip? It’s actually a great way on how to start a vacation fund!

Right now, if you have any sort of debt, you’re most likely paying interest on your monthly payments. This means that every time you chip away at your debt a little, it’ll come back a little as well.

Put the other two tips into use and with the money saved from them, push hard to pay off all your debt as soon as possible. 

Once you can do this, it’ll be much easier to save up more money for a vacation. You can then treat yourself and discover a new kind of adventure on Croatia cruise.

Know How to Save for a Vacation

Now you have 3 tips on how to save for a vacation. While you might not be able to book one soon, at least you can get a head start on saving up some cash to fund your next trip. So get started now!

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