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3 Life Stages When Stress Management Skills Are Crucial


While it is true that everyone handles life differently and on their own terms, there are some universal life cycles that are more prone to stress than others. Learning as you grow how you best handle stress is a great buffer for those times when unexpected stress can befall you. If you commit yourself to evaluating what helps you combat stress, then you already have an edge compared to those who encounter stress and must start from scratch.


College is interesting because in some respects it is a wonderfully carefree life stage, while in others there is a significant amount of stress to experience during these years. If you elected to take a traditional pathway straight from high school into college, it is important to remember than you are still an incredibly young adult, likely only eighteen or near that age, do not set the expectation for yourself that you will be able to handle everything that comes your way during this time without guidance and support.

Recently telehealth has emerged as a leader for student support regarding mental and emotional needs. This healthcare tech advancement gives access to stress management tips for college students and professionals to help them execute said tips. Telehealth provides an objectivity that perhaps students cannot get from peers or parents. During these formative years having access to professionals that can offer you guidance without the emotional investment a loved one would have is priceless. This also allows the student to remain in control of their development and identify what does or does not help them combat stress.


Even when death is prepared for, we are probably never fully prepared to deal with it. The circumstances surrounding death are challenging because they are completely out of our control, and even in times where the expectation has been present, stress can still ensue. While going through a period of grief and mourning you are going to find solace in the fact that you have previously developed stress management skills that allow you to focus less on the semantics and more on the healing process.

In some cases, what comes after death is more stressful than the actual event. Maybe you lost someone who’s estate now remains and you need to deal with that, or perhaps there are unforeseen circumstances that were only revealed in death that you could not have prepared for but now must handle. Regardless, this is all emotionally taxing, do not discount the importance of taking care of yourself physically during these times to better manage your emotional stress.

The Overall Unexpected

This is not a defined life stage, rather a guaranteed life experience. You should know life is always going to throw you curveballs. While this does not mean that you need to constantly walk on eggshells or be living life looking over your shoulder it does mean that daily, stress management skills matter, because you never know when you are going to have to amp them up due to an unexpected event. Understand that it is unattainable to try and be prepared for specific unexpectedness, so instead focus your efforts in a more general way that leaves room for adaptability as each situation dictates.