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4 Important Conversations All Couples Should Have Before Getting Engaged

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Getting engaged is a major life milestone that many people look forward to. Such a significant decision requires a lot of consideration, and there is much a couple should discuss before making a lifelong commitment to each other.

Married life is challenging, and before committing to getting married, a couple should have a lot of essential conversations before that. The following are some critical conversations that all couples should have before they get engaged:


Do You Want to Get Married

You will be surprised at how many people pop the question before talking to their significant other about whether they want to get married or not.

Whether they want to get married is a conversation you should have as a couple once you have spent enough time together, especially when living together and feeling that you want to make your relationship official.

The last thing anyone wants is for their better half to react weirdly because they are surprised by the proposition. Not only will you save yourself the public embarrassment, but you will also spare yourself the heartbreak of a nasty reaction in case events take an awkward turn.

Do You Want Diamond or Another Precious Stone, e.g., Sapphire?

Another meaningful conversation you should have with your spouse-to-be is to find out which kind of engagement ring they would like. Many women will choose diamonds since they are traditionally put in an engagement ring.

However, people are different and have a wide range of preferences, so it would be best to be sure. Ask them which precious stone they would like in their engagement ring. Do they like sapphire or emeralds? The design of the ring also matters.

Diamondere’s designs for sapphire rings will be different from the design of another jeweler. Since your other half will probably wear the ring for decades to come, ensure that it is a ring they will love.

What Is Your Financial Situation?

Talking about finances is one of the hardest conversations most people have with their partners. However, when most couples and even divorcees offer marriage advice, finances are usually on top of the list.

The key to having a conversation about finances for couples is to be subtle and understanding. Avoid blaming each other, especially if either or both of you have any financial issues. It would be best to talk about how much you earn, spend, save and invest.

A critical point to discuss is the amount of debt either of you has. An honest conversation about your finances will save your relationship a lot of trouble down the road.

Do You Want Kids and How Will You Raise Them?

A vital discussion a couple should have before they get engaged is whether they want children. It is such an essential issue that it is often a deal-breaker for couples, even those that have been together for years.

It would be best to discuss how many children each of you want and how you will go about family planning. Moreover, you should discuss how you are going to raise the children.

Children’s upbringing and parenting have a significant impact on their future, so it is crucial to reach common ground on how to discipline the children, educate them, and how it will affect your finances, among other things.

It is also crucial to discuss how you will handle it if it turns out one of you is, or both of you are infertile. It should not be an issue if you both don’t want children. However, if you want kids, you should discuss which methods you will use to get one.

There are many crucial discussions and conversations to have before a couple gets engaged. If you are going to get married and share your life, it is paramount that you are completely honest with each other.

The above issues are only the tip of the iceberg. Talk about everything if you want your marriage to be successful.